Iran Uncovers British-Israeli Backed Terror Network

News Brief — June 2, 2013

Iran claims its intelligence has uncovered a network of Mossad-trained terrorists who had been preparing to disrupt the country’s forthcoming national elections.
“The ringleader of this group was recruited by the spy agency of one of the most dependent and reactionary Arab countries in the region,” Iran’s intelligence ministry said in a statement on Sunday.
The subservience of this unnamed Arab country to the Israeli regime has become more obvious in recent years, it added.
Although the statement did not identify the “reactionary Arab countries”, at least one is thought to refer to Saudi Arabia, one of Iran’s foremost regional adversaries.
A statement on the ministry’s website said its agents had arrested 12 people who were preparing to ignite ethnic conflicts on Iran’s national election day through sabotage and assassination.
To this end, the ministry’s statement said, the terrorist cell had been ordered to kill prominent religious figures and leaders of ethnic groups in the country.
In addition to arresting 12 suspects involved in the plot, the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence also said it had confiscated a large amount of weapons and explosives.
The ministry’s statement also warned the “arrogant powers”, a term often used in reference to Britain, and reactionary countries in the region that they would face harsh retaliation should they cross any of Tehran’s “red lines”.
This is not the first time Iran has uncovered plots to disrupt the forthcoming national elections this year.
On March 21, the Iranian Intelligence Ministry seized the members of two groups who had smuggled weapons into the country with the intention of staging terrorist attacks during June’s presidential election.

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