University of Manitoba Ranks First in Hype

Henry Makow Ph.D. — Jun 2, 2013

Returned to South Flin Flon yesterday to find the new airport festooned with large murals of little girls touted as future Genghis Khans. They are heralded as (get out your thesaurus) “trail blazers — leaders, pioneers, visionaries, defenders, innovators, challengers, explorers and rebels.” The University of Manitoba is using part of its half billion dollar budget to convince us of this.
The University of Manitoba ranks 301 out of 350 world universities and about 40 of 50 in Canada. But, it is a winner where it counts: advertising.
The Trailblazer campaign for the University of Manitoba has earned nine more CASE Communications Awards, including two grand golds. The university was also honored with the prestigious 2013 Virginia Carter Smith Grand Crystal Award, which recognizes the year’s most outstanding communications program and is the highest honor for a post-secondary institution marketing campaign in the CASE District VIII. The Trailblazer campaign celebrates the geographic and human landscape of Manitoba and the transformative power of the province’s largest university – that where we are shapes who we are.
“Two years after the launch of the Trailblazer campaign, we’re thrilled to watch it continue to transform the image of the university,” said MCG CEO and president, Peter George. He said using kids in the campaign was a good entry point, and one that isn’t oft used by other universities…we’re thrilled to watch this campaign transform the image of the university.”
In a release, Lori Yarchuk, marketing manager at the university, said the province’s prairie landscape challenges students, faculty and researchers to thrive. “Because of where we are, we have unique opportunities to explore, to create, to innovate – all traits that are highly prized in the academic world,” she said.


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