Erdogan and the TrashkeNAZIS at the Department Store of Death

Smoking Mirrors — June 2013

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Today’s thought for the day at WRH is “”We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” — Statement made before the United States Senate on Feb. 7, 1950 by James Paul Warburg (Illuminati, Rothschild Banker & Chairman of the Federal Reserve). The Warburgs and Shiffs are the seldom mentioned, alongside The Rothschilds …but they are equally culpable and ruthless in execution concerning those acts of mass murder and genocide, upon the hapless Schmoos, who inhabit this benighted planet, in these desperate hours …and the hours indeed grow desperate. There are others as well.
Sultan ‘Ty Yippie Kai Yay’ (motherfucker!-cue Bruce Willis) Erdogan, Israeli stooge, seeking local empire status in the region, by facilitating ugliness in Syria, or anywhere else he’s told to do so, has finally got his own people after his ass. Let’s hope they get their hands on it. Obviously this incredible violence being visited on his own people has TrashkeNazi roots. I can just hear the conversation taking place between Sultan Erdogan (erred again?) and Binnie the rat Shitwityahoo. “Okay Binnie, you can kill a bunch of people on the flotilla but you got to let me be outraged about it when you do, so I can look all strong and courageous to my people”. “Not a problem, Ty Yippie Kai Yay and if you need anything from the Department Store of Death, we can kill them for you wholesale”!
It won’t be too much longer now people, Russia is moving a massive aircraft carrier into the Mediterranean. They say it will be later but it could well be sooner. They’re sending their nuclear submarines into the Southern Seas. Iran has S-300’s now and other weaponry is pouring into Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere, courtesy of that new coalition, “Bombs and Bullets for International Counterfeiting Bankers”.
In related news, Mon(ster)santo Claws (with its toxic, firebreathing reindeer) has clusterfucked the American wheat export industry and countries are already canceling their orders. This will lead to the destruction of the American wheat industry and you know that means war. Well, Hell, pretty much anything means war, when you are an imperialist nation, seeking global hegemony, until all the encroaching lines touch each other. Seeing as this world is Hell and given what the weather is telling us, it looks like we shall see, in the not too distant future, the long awaited, Hell freezing over. Break out your ice-skates!
The next war is already being briskly fought on various fronts. Mon(ster)santo has gotten creamed in Europe and now they’re backing away from that market. Meanwhile, ‘Corporate’ forgot to buy every judge in the catalog and they also got shredded in France. “Holy Batshit, Robin”! You can’t tell who’s winning or losing anymore. Of course, the rich are still getting richer, at the expense of the poor but that, after all, is what a capitalist economy is for.
We know, we know, there’s more than enough for everyone here. There’s more than enough land. There’s more than enough food and water. There’s definitely enough love, since we’re all formed and fueled by it, up until we decide to go over to the dark side, in the vain hope that our chances for survival were better; are you really that stupid? You are? Congratulations! Bankers, corporations, governments and religions, are not unlike hyenas, who are known to bite off the faces of people sleeping out in the open in Africa. Then they jump back and wait for the flies and other elements of Nature to take their course, finally closing in to claim their meal. Of course, there is also the Hyena Man so… maybe there is a way for peace to exist between very different life forms. Uh…NOT! We are talking about once human hyenas. They are very different from the animal variety, which you can probably reason with. You cannot reason with the once human form. An ancient darkness is coiled in the brain of these creatures and they are deaf to reason and laugh at things like mercy and compassion. These qualities are only for the weak, only for that which is meant to be killed and eaten. You’re not going to catch Ty Yippie Kay Yay Erdogan or Binnie ‘the Rat’ Shitwityahoo, embracing such unmanly characteristics because, ‘are they not Men’!? No, as a matter of fact they are not. You can’t really call them beasts either. Beasts have a great deal more class and restraint and they definitely have better table manners.
Let’s quote Mother Medusa, Gutle Schnaper, Rothschild at this juncture, “If my sons did not want wars there would be none”. Think about it. If you are not a billionaire, or blowing one, this means; you to the front, to die in the trenches. One can make a logical argument by this, which pretty much states that; The Rothschilds are making war on you. Why are you permitting this? You do it because you are a coward and because you are immeasurably stupid. Your chances of survival and your capacity to hold on to those virtues that make you more than a beast, are far greater when ‘you know and resist’. There seems to be some amount of that, waking up out of the trauma, turmoil and brutality of the Banker armies and international, Israeli trained, Orc police forces, being visited upon the general population.
Lenin once said something like, “The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them”. The internet and social networking sites should be seen in this light, in terms of unifying the public against the fiends in power. Here are huge engines ‘they’ thought to manipulate and have lost control of.
These are fiends and monsters; Obama is such a one, as are the heads of most nations. They are owned by the bankers. They are initiated by the bankers into false doctrines, which they accept as truth and operate according to. The world is faced with a very simple solution. Let me borrow the phrase of Gut Snapper Rothschild; If the people wanted no wars, they would imprison and hang the bankers and there would be none. This means, no bankers and ergo, no wars. You don’t need to be a rocket surgeon to comprehend this. Jail the bankers. If you don’t want to hang them, put them in animal cages and send them off on a world tour, to all of the towns and cities of the Earth, with detailed plaques in front of the cages and buttons you can push on them, that tell the tale of their crimes. Bring them into the school rooms for ‘show and tell’. This is what you need to do. It wouldn’t hurt to do the same with most of the CEO’s, politicians and high ranking religious figures. You want your children to have a real grasp of history? Expose them to the people whose business it has been to distort and fabricate it AND by all means, employ the Iceland template to every nation on Earth.
Look, all this shit about derivatives and the pending horror of economic collapse is meaningless. The industries are still there. The wealth is still there, once you take back every dime the bankers and corporations have stolen. Everything is still here, still there. All you need is a new system that works and things go on better than they ever have, with usury free banking, corporations owned by those who know that capital punishment awaits should they mess around. The death sentence or permanent exile should hang over the heads of everyone in every position of authority. This new Sword of Damocles should be set to ‘automatic’. They mess around, the scales move and… the sword comes down. Sure, what I am giving you here is simplistic, you want complex and detailed, we got that too.
If I personally can solve most of the present problems on this Earth and I am no rocket surgeon, simply a self educated, idiot savant… then certainly, certainly those who can see the moral imperative first, can drive the industry of change, once correctly informed of the inflexible moral imperative, in the right direction. Any argument to the contrary, is either the fruit of the compromised, or an exercise in wanker speak. I don’t care how complicated the problem is, the solution is simple. It only becomes complicated when those intending to steal get involved in the process. There should be no billionaires to begin with. There should be an immoveable ceiling for personal profit, after which further profits are directed toward national and global improvements and I don’t mean the way charities and scam ops like PETA and Greenpeace are presently run.
Religions should not go untaxed and that tax should be directly, and not through the hands of middle men, sent in the direction they claim it to be intended to go in the first place. In other words, you make sure they do what they said they would do in the first place.
You can’t have an equitable and honest world when you, yourself, are not honest and equitable. That is the primary problem and the one that the bankers and all the scum who are owed by them, feast on. It is your dishonesty that opens the door for their massive crimes against you. The game is rigged. The only thing that is going to trickle down to you is their piss on your heads and I believe you can count on it streaming in that respect. You want it going on the way it is going and getting worse? Have at it.
You are being given these precious hours to make the necessary changes before, …before they have to be made for you. You want to snooze in the sunlight under that tree, until the hyena bites off your face? Be my guest. I’m just passing through here myself.
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