Crop Circle Intrigues 2007

This summer has been a momentous one for crop circles researchers, possibly the most significant ever. With minimal publicity they have uncovered some of their most significant findings to date and perhaps even more telling has been the response to these discoveries.

In the early hours of July 7, 2007, three crop circle researchers were watching over East Field in Pewsey Vale when they witnessed what could be a break through in research into the phenomenon. Lying in the heart of crop circle country, the vale has seen a fair number of formations over the years – both faked and those which may not have been faked. But on July 7 events began to unfold that could have come straight from an X-Files storyline.

According to Gary King, one of the three who had been watching over East Field:

“On a couple of occasions, I’ve had intuitions about crop circles like you would have before a phone is going to ring. I’ve had intuitions where I’ve gotten up in the morning and driven down to Wiltshire from my home in Wales and been lucky enough to walk into a fresh formation.”

On Friday, July 6, 2007, Gary woke up in his Wales home around 3:30 AM, watched the sunrise and decided to go to Wiltshire with his girlfriend, Paula, to see if any new formations had appeared.

Arriving in Wiltshire Gary went to the Silent Circle Café, something of a gathering point for researchers where someone mentioned the possibility of a crop formation in East Field, Pewsey Vale. So, with a borrowed sleeping bag he set off for a night’s vigil watching over the now famous field.

On arrival Gary met up with UFO and Crop Circle investigator, Winston Keech, who had already set up surveillance cameras on Knap Hill, overlooking East Field. Nothing happened after the three settled down for the night until shortly after 3.00AM when they saw a sudden flash: “almost like lightning” says Gary that “covered the whole land and was like a big camera flash going off everywhere”.

Then at around 3.20am, they saw the formation through a viewfinder on a light sensitive camera. At 3.45am it was light enough to see the formation with the naked eye and the three went down to East Field for a closer inspection.

When they got there they found “wheat circles”, says Gary that “were raised 6 inches above the ground so when we stepped in, the plants crunched under our feet like we were stepping on delicate crystals…”

Not only did it have every appearance of being the real thing but it was big, very big. Estimated to cover 96,600 square feet, or 2.25 acres, the formation was made up of 150 separate circles ranging in size from just over 2 foot to 150 foot in diameter.

According to Gary: “Some of the centres were beautifully laid out in nests. Other centres were actually broken, so there were indications that some of them had very strong energy on them and others were put down with very great care and beautifully laid. It was a very contrasting formation in terms of differences in each individual circle.”

Apart from Gary, Paula and Winston there was no one else around and pointedly, there were no crop circle fakers either. This is significant because in the weeks following its appearance various individuals would rather unconvincingly claim responsibility for having created the formation.

But as word spread and more people went to see the formation a new element appeared: unmarked, black helicopters.

Pictured hovering over the East Field formation in Pewsey Vale.In fact the presence of unmarked, black helicopters over the formation became a regular feature. They were seen and photographed a number of times hovering menacingly over the crop circle, almost as if they were trying to intimidate the researchers below.

Another notable feature was the paucity of publicity the formation received. With the notable exception of a report in a local newspaper it got almost no media coverage. In itself this may not seem very important but it is in distinct contrast to the widespread media attention accorded to crop circle hoaxers Doug and Dave, some years back.

You may remember when they first claimed responsibility for creating crop circles in the early 1990’s Doug and Dave received extensive media attention. Across the globe stories and photos of the two pensioners appeared, as if their amusing pranks solved the mystery of crop circles once and for all.

They didn’t, of course but now the mainstream media was virtually unanimous in its silence over the Pewsey Vale formation. The contrast in coverage couldn’t have been more telling; almost as if the media were now deliberately trying to play down the phenomenon.

Strange as it may seem though the contrast in media coverage, the black helicopters and the faked crop circles may be part of the same game plan. But in order to fully comprehend it and understand how these varied elements interact we need to refer to the work of esoteric Christian teacher Rudolph Steiner.

Steiner was at pains to point out that there is not one “devil” but a number of different entities who are opposed to humanity’s higher evolution. The reason is simple: they thrive on mankind’s lower nature.

In effect our ignorance, anger, hatred, envy, pride, bitterness and so on empower them, almost literally.

Consequently, they have a vested interest in ensuring that men do not evolve spiritually. Nonetheless, according to Steiner mankind is destined to ultimately take command of these entities and redeem them. But he can only do so once he transcends his own lower nature.

Opposing mankind on the path of higher evolution are two major spiritual adversaries, said Steiner. The first operates exactly as all the words derived from his name suggest. Lucifer lures men from their true destiny with illusion, delusion and the luminosity of counterfeit spirituality.

He is the herald of a false dawn and the harbinger of fake spiritual illumination.

Lucifer’s influence can be seen today in much of the new age movement; in the razzamatazz of modern entertainment and particularly in the fractal reserve banking system; which creates wealth, or more precisely the illusion of wealth, out of nothing at all and in the process enslaves large sections of humanity under illusionary notions of “national debt”.

Lucifer’s counterpart was known to the ancient Persians as Ahriman and although he often works hand-in-glove with Lucifer his attributes are entirely different. Whereas Lucifer strives to distract with falsehood and fantasy, Ahriman attempts to entrap men in a world of pure materialism devoid of any spiritual meaning.

Although, like Lucifer his influence can be seen in banking, Ahriman thrives in cold, hard materialism, particularly the realm of scientific materialism. Indeed Ahriman’s influence permeates much of modern culture with a deadening effect, often quite literally: vivisection, weapons research and development being areas of activity where Ahriman’s sway is paramount.

More commonly referred to today as Satan, Ahriman’s influence and the way it interacts with Lucifer’s can be seen clearly in the run up to the invasion of Iraq and its aftermath.

First we had speculation about Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction and claims that they could be deployed in 45 minutes. All of this subsequently turned out to be completely groundless but for a while stories about Saddam’s WMD were a staple in the mainstream media.

In effect they helped pave the way for the invasion of Iraq using Lucifer’s power to deceive: by portraying Saddam Hussein and his supposed WMD as an imminent threat to the west. This, in turn, was used as a pretext to unleash satanic forces in the form of a high tech military onslaught that at the time of writing has accounted for nearly a million lives.

Most of the victims were innocent civilians, ensnared through a combination of lies and brute force and sacrificed on the altar of scientific materialism in the interests of geo-political necessity.

To a lesser extent and in different ways these same forces have been at work in and around the Pewsey Vale.

However, let me stress that I am not implying that diabolical forces are involved in the creation of authentic crop circles, they are not. But such forces are intent on preventing a deeper understanding of the phenomenon.

To this end, numerous crop circles have been faked so that when an authentic crop circle appears the uninitiated automatically assume it’s been hoaxed. This is Lucifer’s influence at work and it can be seen in the efforts of various crop circle hoaxers who claim what they are doing is a form of ‘art’.

One such group even started out by calling themselves “Team Satan”.

But then Steiner taught that when Lucifer is not creating outright illusions, he beguiles in the guise of ‘art’, or at least he inspires such ‘art’. And if he can’t do that then he does his best to confuse those who are looking for the truth by presenting them with counterfeits.

Like many of the much publicised but faked crop circles.

Another hidden element behind the creation of many of the faked crop circles has been British Intelligence. That’s right: the very people behind the so-called “dodgy dossier” and claims that Saddam Hussein was developing WMD are also behind the creators of many fake crop circles.

How do we know? Well, it’s here that the various threads in this tale begin to intertwine. Because after changing their name from Team Satan to the Circlemakers, these artistes went on to set up a website of the same name which featured recruitment adverts for: MI5, MI6, GCHQ and various other branches of Britain’s security services.

After a while this all became a little too obvious and the recruitment ads were removed. But it was a clear indication that many of the supposed crop circle fakers are in fact in the service of British intelligence

Which is not to say that the Circlemakers themselves are high level Intelligence assets, they are not. But like Intelligence organisations the world over Britain’s security services makes use of low life operatives to do their dirty work; not only to further obscure their plans but also to make plausible denial that much more plausible.

So although many of the crop circle fakers are little more than confidence tricksters and petty criminals, their strings are being pulled from a much higher level within Britain’s security establishment.

More to the point though, British Intelligence – the very people behind the murder of Princess Diana and who provided the false intelligence which was used to justify the invasion of Iraq – are deliberately trying to obscure a genuine paranormal phenomenon.

I don’t profess to grasp the significance behind its symmetry but the fields of crop circle country contain a message for the whole of humanity and British Intelligence are deliberately trying to conceal it.

Significant perhaps, was the date of the formations appearance, 7/7/7
Different black, unmarked helicopters were photographed over the formation on different days.
Photographed over the East Field formation another black, unmarked helicopter: with many thanks to the readers who sent in photos. Ed.
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