Smartphones will Replace Sex

by Henry Makow Ph.D — May 31, 2013

As my longtime readers know, I live in South Flin Flon, Manitoba,(aka Winnipeg) a frontier town on the snowbound Canadian Prairie.  I miss the urban ambiance of Toronto where I was a grad student from 1976-1982.  Every year, I can’t wait for the ice to melt so I can canoe to the Metropolis and pontificate on the latest trends:
1. While men use smart phones for business, women turn to them to fulfill their emotional needs.  You see them on the streets making love to their phones. Their expressions reflect the urgency, desire and satisfaction that used to be reserved for sex. Women are discovering that “relationship maintenance” is far more satisfying than hookups, anal intercourse and other forms of modern sex.
The sight of so many women with faces and ears glued to  phones gives rise to another futuristic vision: Wireless-controlled women. Some day, women will receive instructions governing every aspect of their lives and thought.  “Henry Makow is making a speech at Dundas and Bay. Can all women in the area swarm this man and set him straight?”
2. There is enough eye candy here to give an old man diabetes…

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