Crazy, Crazy for Feeling so Screwed, Blued and Tatooed

Reflections in a Petri Dish — May 30, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
(A reader was kind enough to point out Clif High’s engagement with Yurts. I’ve long been a fan of them and intend one to be my temporary quarters, whenever I get wherever I am going. Given the advertising I’ve given them over the years, maybe they’ll cut me a deal. Of course, one can also simply build their own.)
Speaking of Clif High, we are now on the cusp of his predictions about a global event, seeming to have to do with earth shaking and water moving. This is the far end of the window. We shall see what the next several days bring.
I bring this up, because of something I have been trying to point out over recent posts. The PTW are going increasingly more and more crazy and that is fitting because (Nietzsche) “those whom the Gods would destroy they first drive mad”. Airhead extraordinaire (why don’t you pull over to the curb and let some of that air out of your head, John) and law breaker par excellence (dealing with terrorists) John McCain, went to Syria to network with Al Qaeda Vadar. Those are the non existent patsies that took the fall for Israel’s attack on the U.S. Since high ranking members of the CIA have admitted that Al Qaeda doesn’t exist, why are they still being mentioned as some kind of mechanized, Wack a Mole (does not rhyme with Guacamole) ?
Crazy is operating at all levels of society. The Israeli hijacked police forces of the U.S. are really kicking into an overdrive of crazy and I suspect that little of this story is true, except that they killed her. Don’t they have these devices that shoot a net over you, as well as bean bag guns? And… they say the stun gun, taser did not work on the lady, uh huh, you vicious, murdering thugs! Well the reason they don’t use these non lethal items, even Banana Peel would have been fine, is because they wanted to kill her. They are now killing several people a day, that we hear about, in similar fashion for similar excuses.
Crazy is also threatening the entire planet. Crazy is operating under the Official Crazy Act of 2013, also know as The ‘crazy as a shithouse rat’ Act. See Section 27 of The Crazy Code, Items B&D. You might want to check out items S&M, while you’re at it as well. How is this being carried out? Well, there are these police issue, vibrating butt plugs that send operational policy, up from the rectal brain, to the shit for brains sector, of the trepanned outhouse, in house. We all know that trepanning helps to ease the pressure, on those being forced to act against their absent will, in ways that no human being could countenance, luckily they are no longer human. Well, that’s not lucky is it?
Crazy is going to town, actually traveling through the sewer pipes, in order to get turbo crazy to go into action. This is what happens when the disciples of The Golden Calf, find themselves between a rock and a hard-on. This has something to do with the Haldron Collider but I am not sure of the relationship. It does have something to do with sucking the gas back up from it’s natural area of expulsion, into the brain pan, where it creates something similar to Kraft’s Macaroni and Cheese. Don’t forget the broccoli.
Crazy is The Daily Special, The Specialite De La (Free) Maison. I’ll have the Albert Pike, Petite Morte Filet, with a side of Cervice Fecale and make sure Chuck Berry is playing while I dine. File that under strange but true. You can find variations on a theme here, as pioneering, final frontier types, attempt to go where no man has gone before …and no surprise there. Individuals in search of some kind of epiphany, finally reached the last stop on their Exit to Brooklyn. I see them there, mere forms of shadow now, waiting dockside by the rusty freighter, that is going to take them to their next home, although it is also unlikely to leave the dock, given that it’s been decommissioned, except for being fully operational to go nowhere in a hurry.
So, my point, if I have one, is that Crazy is the mindset of the moment, the approved state of awareness, being experienced by our trusted representatives, from various agencies in various locations. The State Department has changed it’s name to the Lying in State Department. The Department of Defense has been changed to the Department of Offense. The House of Representatives has been changed to the Bughouse of Representatives. The Senate has been changed to the Insensate. Then there are the various agencies that are handled by The Cabinet and The President’s Cabinet has been changed to The President’s Closet and there’s a chance that in some sort of Escher like conversion, the Cabinet is now in The Closet. All over the world, under cover of darkness, ancient darkness, politicians put in place by Satanists, use a particular variety of sexual preferences, as diversion front, in order to slip their real agenda through some backdoor (pun intended). There they can get to work, with the child grooming, rape and… murder, in which they passionately engage. Some of them eat them too. Of course they do. It goes with the territory that anything abhorrent to the celestial realm, must be practiced, in order to maximize the temporal power they wield. It’s simple math, except that two and two do not add up to four, nor even 5, as you might expect …but rather adds up to three, just like the three dollar bill. You could have asked Dave way back when but… “Dave’s not here anymore, dude”.
So, how do they get their front men to carry out all of these crimes against humanity? They told them something but… we are not behind the velvet ropes. We don’t know what they got told, except that, guaranteed, whatever they were told was a lie. In many cases, no lie is necessary …because they have the video, the pictures, or other evidence, which is so sufficiently ghastly that they will do most anything to keep it from becoming public, since it is most decidedly pubic or not even; worst case scenario.
Obama’s penchant for old white men is interesting. I can’t see the associations that are the usual explanations for why he does it and what the attractions are, because, in that community, everyone and everything they do is pretty much equal by mutual consent and… ‘they also serve who only got up and went’, which is a paraphrase from some blind guy, who wasn’t really blind. He was blind in one eye and simply could not see out of the other. There’s a difference, you see? I think I’m getting cute. We’re looking to avoid that at all costs. I find getting blown by old white guys, to be right up there with masturbating with a hedgehog. It is not being implied here that the hedgehog is also masturbating. We’re talking multitasking here. I don’t know how the hedgehog feels about it. The hedgehog has no choice …but he is capable of injecting his natural composition, into the unnatural mix, which makes for a prickly and unsettling experience, known as the Guantanamo Whippet.
This is the sort of thing that goes on here every day and doesn’t have all that much to do with Richard Gere. It’s the kind of thing that gets routinely overlooked, like Yurrasis Dragon in The Eiger, or the Loo (aptly named) Sanction. This hidden from view thing, is consistent with the fact that no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. This is an altogether logical explanation, for why some doors are closed in the first place. What has any of this to do with Gerbil Soup? I’d don’t know but you have probably tumbled to who you can ask.
What I think is that Obama hasn’t got anything to do with blowing old white men, oops, pardon me, getting blown by old white men. It’s a red herring. It’s a blind …because what Obama really engages in is far, far worse, as I discovered while talking to him in Italy, during those wild and crazy days, when I was hanging out with Wesak and Berlusconi. The further away in time it gets, the more fantastic it all seems. There are few things as disappointing as being straight and trying to make sense out of things that happened when you were high, really, really high. Mind parasites and Killer Moss from Outer Space, were only a couple of features that had to be dealt with.
Well, look at that, I managed to make it to the end of the posting without making any sense whatsoever. In truth, those catching all the inferences will know what I am talking about and why (maybe on the why). For everyone else, well, this is what happens when you get precious little sleep for 3 days and have to carefully watch every move you make, so as not to have one of those domestic accidents that are the cause of so many departures from this plane. It’s understood that people pay less attention to things when they are in their homes and this is the same reason so many accidents take place within a mile from home and brings us to what Lao Tzu said, “Those who lose after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning.
End Transmission…….
There is a chance there will be a radio broadcast on Sunday, a good chance.


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