The Crucible of Karma and the Horn of Plenty

Visible Origami — May 29, 2013

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Greetings! Salutations and genuflections. Memorial Weekend came a week early because (my guess), the corporations did not want people taking an even longer weekend, on the following weekend. Somehow it seems to me, people would have …but holidays don’t mean anything to me workwise so… Whatever.
Now that everything, which gave meaning to the national holidays in America, are long gone, the holidays are meaningless and… the religious holidays offend that microscopic, Jewish minority so… they’re toast. They don’t want The Cross stealing any thunder from the amusement park Menorah and… there are all those memories of events long past, where those who couldn’t have done a particular thing, did a particular thing …because Jesus was bad for business. That’s not the case anymore either.
The gauge on the absurdity meter has gone, ‘sprong’! Not a day goes by when events do not consistently surpass previous events, for intensity and hyperbole of raw, stinking bullshit. It can’t be much longer now.
These have been trying times for Senor Visible, also known as Count Visible, The Marquis De Visible and, ‘that idiot who keeps talking about things I don’t understand’ (because I am swallowed up in the material darkness of unenlightened self interest?). You know how it goes, it goes. It will be going strong today from my end and I don’t want to hear any theories about how ‘strong’ rhymes with ‘sprong’ and what the underlying occult meaning of that might be. All I can say is that it has some connection to prime numbers and prime cuts of mystery meat.
Yes, I’m in a good mood and if Michael can forgive a little digression into the personal sphere, by way of, “L’etat c’est moi” and how we are all embodiments of an unhinged diversity, then maybe you’ll see this on What Really Happened (grin). I’m in a very good mood at the moment and I’ll tell you why, following-
In recent days my 6 year old dog, Poncho Moonlight, had about 40 seizures over a 30 hour span. The vet said, “Ah don’t worry about it, unless they are really long intervals, it doesn’t matter. I’m no vet but I do possess a modicum of common sense, some amount of reason and a good handle on the exercise of logic. I’m not Aristotle but I am also not Greek either. I know (intuitively) that when there is a relentless series of such events, without nicely spaced intervals of recovery time, that it can be very bad. I took Poncho to the vet and had him put in an induced coma. After about 5 hours they brought him out and I said they should put him right back under for the rest of the day and night. That proved to be a solid decision.
Yesterday I picked him up and he was walking, alert and… strung out, disoriented and a bit of a dingbat. His insecurity level is high and he won’t leave me alone. I did not sleep the night while he was in the coma and spent that time communicating with him. You might think this also a bit dingbat but… when he came into the examination room, he bypassed everyone and came right to me, set himself between my legs and looked into my eyes for several minutes and very clearly, in his own way, told me that he knew all about it and thanked me. You would have had to be there. Had you seen the state he had been reduced to, you would have to admit it was all something of a miracle. My control over my emotions was fairly non-existent.
Last night, I also got next to no sleep, as he spent the whole of it trying to burrow into me and that’s still going on to the point that I have to close him off in the living room in order to get anything done.
I got a very important message out of all of this. The vet was supposed to call us when he came out of the coma. Susanne was off with her teacher at the other end of town. She was going to call me. She didn’t and her cellphone was shut off and stayed off. Around 1:00 PM she came into the house and I asked, “What? What”? She told me he was just fine and we should go get him. I said, “Why didn’t you call? I would have wanted to know that”. She said, “I was only going to call if it was bad news”. Huh? (I told her that the last thing I wanted over the phone was bad news (grin)). Anyway… I was sitting here in those waiting hours, thinking that being out of the loop was not a good thing. If I was hearing nothing and couldn’t get through it must be bad. Conversely I was very optimistic. I just felt that everything was okay and yet… there was another part of me that expected to hear, “Sorry, we did the best we could”. It turned out that what I was predominantly feeling was correct.
I have had so many things go sideways on me in recent times; twisted betrayals, out of the body experiences, people I was in good and positive communications with from a close at home location, as well as the other side of the world- just sort of disappearing without a word (and much of my future plans resting on them) that… parts of me were losing that faith, which has sustained me through thin and thin for a very long time. I consistently fail to take my own advice. It’s the same advice I so liberally dispense (grin) to others. I am learning that I need to apply what I say to myself, instead of just putting it out there, like it wasn’t personally relevant to me. It is.
It is pretty amazing, to consider that we have all the answers we will ever need, contained within us …but we don’t trouble ourselves to access them. One of the good things about myself, is that I never stop learning and readjusting myself (reinventing myself, if you will) to the new information. I am never content to let any part of myself rest, as if any of it were no longer in need of revision. I don’t know about the rest of you but I spend the majority of my hours engaged in self inquiry. I watch myself like a hawk, only to find that I have to look out for tunnel vision. Thank God for the miner’s lamp and the porous state of my parameters.
We need to keep our inner eyes wide open in these times. Things change but we don’t see the transitions, if we are too up close to things. I’ve noted people I felt had cut me off, or compartmentalized me, surreptitiously coming back into a warmer awareness of me. I’ve noticed people I thought myself very close to and with whom the back and forth had gradually diminished and disappeared, all of a sudden, in an email saying things that made our bond far more intimate and loving than it had appeared to be before. In former times, I might not even have noticed these things. I do now. Never give up on people, or allow paranoia to affect your uninformed view of them. However I may have found myself disenfranchised or dismissed by someone, I never reject them. I know that life can take the most unexpected turns. Sometimes ‘things are out for clearance’. This can mean you might have had a dust-up here or there with someone, where the result had a terminal appearance to it but… it was just out for clearance.
We can’t learn things about ourselves and others without some amount of conflict and confusion. Life is a testing ground and life on this planet is only that. This is a crucible of Karma. One of the main tenets of Karma is that we have this tendency to accept certain things without question, given our own peculiar dispensation, toward reflexively (however we actually say it) saying, (“Well, that’s life, my life anyway”). The crimes we commit against ourselves, as a result of this, is to inhibit the natural and periodic outflow from the horn of plenty. Let us think of it as comparable to downloading something off of the internet. Let’s say you’re downloading a movie torrent, which, of course, I would never do …but that SWIF might do. You look at the rate of download, as it moves between a low of 250 to a high of I meg plus and across from that changing number, you see the amount of hours, minutes and seconds remaining. As the rate fluctuates, the time changes, so you can go from 28.5 minutes, right back up to 35 minutes. Time stretches and contracts. Sometimes we have far less time than we thought and then we find we have more time than we expected. There is a lot that can be gleaned from this.
As well as the aforementioned, what we, without inquiry and argument, accept about ourselves, becomes true for the time we hold that belief. It might not be true …but it appears to be true and it makes it true, contrary to our real potential. There is no reason that we cannot rise to a much higher potential, simply by changing what we formerly believed about ourselves. There are no restrictions except the ones we place on ourselves, often without even knowing we are doing it. There is no reason we can’t have an abundance of funds, a secure environment, a successful love life and any number of wonderful friends and experiences, if we would only allow it.
There are trillions of dollars, Euro, Yen and what not in circulation. Some of us think a million dollars is a lot of money. I think it is chump change, relatively speaking. There is no reason we can’t have that and more, depending on our capacity to accept the real possibility of it happening. I know where you can buy 70 hectares of beautifully lush and fertile, rich land, with a house and 8 waterfalls, one of them 70 feet high for… 50,000 dollars. I know where you can get somewhat less than that for something less than that. You might have to work to make it hum, like a vibrant cello stroke …but, given time and consistency of effort, you would, invariably, find yourself very surprised by what you can do, especially if several others are helping you. There are no limits to the wonderful life we can enjoy, if we will only allow for it to happen to us. Among the readers here is cornucopia of talents and abilities. We have Archimedes’ lever and we have time enough and world enough. It doesn’t matter what the dunderheads are up to. That doesn’t apply to us.
If we can consider pooling our resources of heart, mind and imagination, as well as our material assets, we could all be farting through finely woven hemp, indistinguishable from high end Irish linen. Okay, maybe that’s a crass image and I am not much given to farting since I happen to, unlike some number of you, actually chew my food (grin) but you get the idea or you don’t. I myself know about all kinds of ways to make money …and… guarantee security in a collective environment. By now it is demonstrably clear to me that many of you do also as well. I’m not asking you to send me money. I’m asking you to creatively imagine with me, right from this moment, about how anything is possible for us. I’d like you to say (rhyming alert), “Fucking A”! I’d like you to hardwire and brand into your mind, the unshakeable conviction that some permutation of what I am saying here, is already a reality on the invisible planes and only needs to precipitate down. I’d like you to imprint, the unshakeable assurance that it’s a done deal and all we have to do is walk in the footprints in front of us. I’d like you to become fully you and stop living by the rules and coordinates of fools, who have given so much effort into hemming us into their version. I’m going to do something like this in any case. I never stop in my onward/inward course. Though I be frustrated and hindered in my attempts a thousand times, that makes no matter. I just get right back up again and head on. There seems no good reason why we can’t get together on getting it together and enjoying our lives to the fullest, which is impossible without each other, unless you really are some kind of misanthropic, hermit crab.
We’ve got bee keepers, construction impresarios, architects, cooks, landscape artists and many gardeners. We’ve got electricians and plumbers and alternative construction and technology experts among the readers. We’ve got people sitting on millions of dollars (I know this), which is doing them no good and will do even less good when death comes calling and you can’t get cheap with death like you can with your money. We’ve got musicians and dancers, too many poets (grin). We’ve got yogis and bodyworkers and people with acumen in all sorts of of alternative methodologies. We’ve even got doctors and lawyers. We got a lot more than this. The collection of marvelous souls, who come here are near unrivaled anywhere else. There is very little we cannot accomplish. There is nothing more fulfilling and life completing than what I am talking about the possibility of here. That should go of like an M-80 in our heads.
If enough of us just say, internally, or go outside the house and shout it into the air, that, “Yeah, this is a good idea, it might need some work …but we’ll fix it in the mix”. I have a friend named Wolfgang. He’s either in LA or Austria now. He bought something over a hundred acres, on the Hana Highway, a few miles before Hana and built a five million dollar house (you ought to see this thing) almost by himself and put in a concrete driveway of a quarter of a mile long, by himself, by hand. He just went and did it. No doubt he’s building something else now. Just imagine what a gang of Wolfgangs could do? He’s a very cool guy. I know a lot of very cool and potentially cool people, who just have to wise up to how capable and wonderful they are. Read between the lines here and see if you can catch my drift… before I drift away (cue Dobie Gray).
I think this is a two post day, something is bugging me so… I’ll see you over at Smoking Mirrors shortly.
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