911 Israelis

I realize that a lot of people are mainly concerned with the idea that the twin towers and building 7 were brought down with controlled demolition and thus an inside job on 911. However it seems quite obvious that the Israeli government had advance knowledge of what was going to happen before the attacks on 911 and it is very likely that they are responsible for the attacks on 911. If we don’t focus on Israel’s involvement in 911 I don’t think the truth will ever come out.

Israeli Art Students, who were spies, were following the hijackers in Hollywood Florida and the Northeast Coast. These spies had expertise in electronic surveillance and other talents. They were living very close to the hijackers including Atta. Their addresses and the hijacker’s addresses are very close together. With their electronic surveillance capabilities how could they have not known the plans of the hijackers. If the majority of Americans read this article there would surely be a congressional investigation that even AIPAC could not prevent from happening.

The Dancing Israelis from Urban Moving systems were seen video taping the twin towers burning and were celebrating the event. They were Mossad agents and Israeli military specialist. They were arrested and with the Zionist influence in this country they were released. When they went back to Israel they participated in a talk show. One of them said they were there to document the event. How could they be there to document the event if they didn’t know in advance that it was going to happen?

Odigo, an Israeli company with an office very near the twin towers received an email at an Odigo office located in Israel which warned that the twin towers would be attacked two hours before the attack actually occurred. This was a comment made by their CEO. The FBI was supposed to investigate this story but we have never heard anything. The Zionist were able to shut down the investigation.

According to TBR news 18 Israeli citizens had shorted the appropriate stocks before the 911 attacks and made millions of dollars.

Zim American Israeli Shipping Co which I believe Wayne Madsen had mentioned was a front for the Mossad and the CIA broke their lease at one of the twin towers and moved out just prior to the attacks on 911.

There is an amazing investigative piece by Albert Pastore that shows the motive, the capabilities and the evidence that Israel is responsible for the 911 attacks. The Muslims were used as pawns. The Israelis infiltrated the Muslim groups with their spies and then proceeded to lead them and help them attack the twin towers on 911. Osama Bin Laden is not responsible for the attacks.

What happened on 911 is not a mystery. People in the Israeli government and Mossad surely knew what was going to happen on 911 and they quite likely orchestrated the event. There are quite likely Zionist and Zionist sympathizers in our government and military that were aware of the plans for the attack on the twin towers and the Pentagon before the attacks occurred. AIPAC which is the Israeli lobby controls our congress and our media, thus the truth will probably not come out unless somehow we can get the information out to the public about Israel’s involvement in 911. They masterminded the 911 attacks in order to gain sympathy from Americans for their so called troubles with Muslim terrorists even though the Israeli government is the biggest terrorist organization in the Middle East. Most importantly they wanted us to get revenge for 911 and attack Muslim countries. I used to be on the side of Israel until I read articles on the internet about Israel.