Fox News report in December 2001: Bin Laden Already Dead

Jim Stone — via Rebel News May 28, 2013

Impeachment scandal #6

We have all heard about the report that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001, but few of us have ever seen it. Kjtruthnews found it. I saw this but did not pay attention to it at the time because none of us knew where this OBL conspiracy saga would go, and we just treated it like everyday news. Well, here is impeachment scandal 6. Lying about the capture of OBL who really died 10 years earlier, and somehow coming up with dead marines as a result of a fake raid set up for your own personal gain is in my opinion a fully impeachable offense. Make sure you look at the date on this article.

Report: Bin Laden Already Dead

Published December 26, 2001 —

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