Accessories of Darkness in the Devil’s Playground

Reflections in a Petri Dish — May 27, 2013

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This planet Earth, at this stage of progression, is The Devil’s Playground. You don’t have to believe in God or the Devil. Even if you do, the chances are good, in most cases, that you don’t know what either of those mean anyway. All you have to believe in, is positive and negative forces …and which is predominant in the time because that will certainly affect the effectiveness of whatever game plan you have cobbled together to get by. What this usually means, is that bad people prosper and good people suffer. Keep that thought clear in your head because it explains much, if you have managed to retain an operative level of understanding. Understanding is a very, very important part of the mental schematic of human awareness and that is why it counterpoints Wisdom at the highest horizontal polarity, on the Tree of Life. There are three things that I notice, which people undervalue and under-use. These are Understanding, Memory and the Creative Imagination. The other area, whose active plane is more on the self conscious level, is Attention concentration. It should come as no surprise that ADD and SSRI’s proliferate in these times. It should also not come as a surprise that there is aluminum in the chemtrails (look up the effect of aluminum on life forms) and it should be no surprise, what is found in your water supply. This is all done intentionally. For some reason, some smaller amount of us are immune to these things, insofar as consciousness is affected at the level of perception. I suppose “wake the fuck up” can be terminally compromised, when you’ve been put into an induced coma; “Karma, neh”? (“Passage to India” reference).
I’ve said it many times and only those in deep shit for brains denial, or dumber than having something to compare it to… or those engaged in being an Accessory to the Darkness, would deny that madness is afoot in the heartlands and the hinterlands. Here’s a good example. Be warned, unless you have a strong stomach, DO NOT click on this link. You have been warned. There was a time when there existed some standard of sanity. That time is no more. Incrementally the culture has been morphed to embrace more and more twisted examples of natural experiences and natural dynamics and conditions. This is being orchestrated by the same forces that are engaged in Zionist hegemony. I know there is that section of the public out there, even the alternative public, who likes to say, “Oh noooo, it’s not them. It’s the illuminatis, or the Free Masons, or the Jesuits or De Debbil. Anyone with a capacity for research can find out who founded the Illuminati and who corrupted the Free Masons. As for The Jesuits and De Debbil, you’ve got tandem conspirators to different intents and possibly similar ends and in the case of De Debbil, they are his offspring and chosen, so sure… you can accuse the source but one should not discount the employees and… the employees own most all of the media, entertainment, publishing and all kinds of things that make the ‘morphing’ happen. They are also the principle agents of war for profit, period. Period!!! The others, in association, are just their buttboys, production assistants and ‘slaves in harness’ chained by blackmail or coercion. Slice it how you like, it’s doesn’t change the composition of the pie. Dispute the angles and appearance all you like, the pie is still made out of what the pie is made out of. So, talking bout sanity and insanity, there are all sorts of expressions of the latter. At the high end of the Kingdom of Dumbshit, one should never discount the impact of hubris and the sense of privilege on one’s capacity for ignorant and indefensible actions. Here is the sort of thing that a sense of entitlement, as well as a legal climate that would make the earlier robber barons blush …and probably even embarrass The Pirates of the Barbary Coast, makes possible and… this is an every day affair.
Because the changes that have come upon us, have occurred in a progression of steps, we haven’t noticed the extreme degree it has gotten to in every area of existence. It’s complex, while being pincher-like and dovetailed. As the insidious march of nasty business has taken place, the technology of the devices of distraction, have kept pace with cellphones, video-games, porn, diverse media and media utensils. It’s safe to say if they set a dinner table with these things you would definitely not know which fork to use. Of course you could always just grab any fork and compulsively stab it into your forehead until awareness strikes like some black adder off of a pantry shelf. Then again, you could just start stabbing yourself in the chest with it and screaming, “You’re not making any fucking canoe out of me”. You’ll need the joke that attends that punch line but some wag will no doubt put it in the comments section or… you ‘could’ find it… duh.
Israeli agents in Lebanon just launched another rocket, or mortar round, into an empty lot in Rothshillandia. Well, I guess that’s understandable, they’re under time constraints, given all the new weapons technology, being shipped around, to those they are trying to exterminate and have been visiting evil and genocidal force upon for so long. Israel is where the greatest hubris and sense of entitlement on the planet lives and lies to itself. They really believe you’re all cattle and lesser life forms. Can you blame them? Can you blame them, when that is exactly how most of you behave? Hey, it’s okay. You’re the king in your castle. Who’s to say there’s anything wrong with sitting there with your dick in one hand and a can of Budweiser in the other? You do have to keep your balance (snicker).
Well, I guess it goes with the territory, when people not only don’t know the difference between a cowpie and a Sacher-torte but don’t see any variable difference in the taste either. I’ve always maintained that people don’t mind eating shit if you serve it to them warm. We’re past that limitation now, way past it. It all has to do with the sequence of steps from ‘there’ (now forgotten or incorrectly remembered do to insta-revision of history) to ‘here’.
Now there is this feral abomination, Tribe Member, Adam Kokesh. I can’t find the picture with him glaring like Clint Eastwood lite; two guns crossed across his wanna be Henry Rollin’s neck but… that says it all. How anyone can be confused about the intent of this psychopathic viper is beyond me. One thing you can be sure of is, chances are, he won’t be the one getting hurt but… ah if only, if only. Then there’s Medea (or is that Medusa?) Benjamin, uh WTF? Is that yet another Tribe Member, heckling Obama in a ‘make for dumbass TV’ photo-op, where The Stepin Fetchit in Chief shows how understanding and generous he is about Free Speech? Course, if your not a flash frozen, microwave defrosted Chosen, I don’t suggest you try the same thing, cause, that dog won’t hunt. That dog will get euthanized.
Bad shit is in flight, planet wide, with no seat-belts, not just in Sweden and France, Indonesia and pretty much everywhere that government by usury is in operation, or some corporation wants something, under the ground that people are living on. In Chile and other places, corporation gold miners are transforming mountains into slag and pouring arsenic into the rivers and streams. Fuck em if they can’t take a joke, right?
Sooner or later, it is to be hoped, those driven to mad violence, by despair, will say to themselves, “You know, it really is pretty stupid for me to take my aggression out on those in my environment, when all of my troubles are coming to me by banker fiat. All of my problems are being brought to me by robo-politicos, put into office, only, because they possessed the requisite venality and indifference to suffering caused, Hmmm… Hmmm”.
What a thing is critical mass… it too, comes by increments, until it looms upon the horizon in all directions. Are the fools propelling it to it’s active state completely insane? As a matter of fact, yes, they are. They do not see that critical mass applies to them. They do not see beyond the black, smoking passion that compels them. They don’t see. They’re far too clever for that. Uh huh. What goes around comes around. You can fuck with most anything for a certain time, depending on what you are fucking with but, sooner or later, it goes through the chemical change that fucking with it brings. “I wonder what this button here is for”?
Every living thing is contained in a vibrating envelope of Karma, that resonates with something and is magnetized by something, or several somethings else; meaning it can inexorably draw you in or pull you apart. In scripture there is a reference to two men standing in a field and one being left and one being taken and other examples are also provided. This scriptural reference, is precisely due to this envelope. Children can see this envelope, up until the world divides on them. Animals can see it, some animals anyway. Plants are affected by the proximity of these envelopes, in various ways. Had you the eyes you would see the flame alphabet that is written into every manifest thing and vibrating.
It will be coming around the mountain when it comes.
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