Real Disraeli was a Destroyer

DISRAELI the DESTROYER (dates from 1920’s or early 1930’s) by Arnold S. LEESE (1878-1955) — (Edited/abridged by

Disraeli was commissioned to achieve the following principal Jewish objects:–
1. To strengthen the British Nation to carry out Rothschildian policy.
2. To use Britain to oppose the might of the enemy of Judah, Russia, and to reduce the prestige of the Romanovs.
3. To introduce the poison of Liberalism into the Conservative machine, the results of which policy are now obvious in the attitude of Mr. Baldwin, the “Conservative” leader.
4. To push forward the ideas of democracy by Reform Acts so that Britain would later be an easy prey for Government by Jewish Finance.
5. To further the emancipation of the Jews in Britain.
All these he did.


Disraeli had … a love of display; shameless bare‑faced effrontery of the type which puts white men who come into contact with it, entirely out of their calculations; a purely materialist outlook; and an intellect trained, as all slave‑races are trained, by observa­tion on the lower aspects of human nature in others. He had Semitic obstinacy, which assisted him in his ambition to shine by his intellect its spite of racial handicaps. Utterly insincere in action, because he had no motives beyond personal advancement and his duties as a destructive Rothschild agent, he turned upon his colleagues as it suited him.
Disraeli was baptized as a Christian when a boy but he was not religious. He regarded Christianity as a continuation of Judaism, and lumped the two religions together under the obscure phrase, “Semitic principle.”
He was often heavily in debt and never seems to have stood on his own legs, financially. He married a widow 15 years older than himself, but possessed of a large fortune. He was nevertheless always in the hands of money‑lenders.
Disraeli’s father was a Jew of means and a student, indifferent to Judaism; his wealth gave his son an easy entry into a certain class of fast society in London, where Disraeli associated with many friends of revolutionaries on the Continent, and also with such characters as Count D’Orsay and Lady Blessington. Disraeli was intimate with Lionel Rothschild in his adolescence, and reveals, in letters to his sister, how Lionel gave him advice and financial assistance.
To gain his ends, he wormed his way into the favor of Queen Victoria, but that Sovereign, although influenced by him, kept him at a distance. He was unable to control the great lady as Rasputin in our time controlled the Tsarina.


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