Dancing with the Retards, Fry Cooks and Sewer Felchers

Smoking Mirrors — May 26, 2013

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First something from the maestro of bon vivant and raconteur too, Patrick Willis, super morphs Dobie Gillis via some kind of Lawnmower Man transfiguration.
From the intermittent capacity to clearly see, as it applies to me, in the wreckage of a mind not comprehending and then comprehending, if only for a short time… some things are becoming more and more clear to me. Those engaged in preposterous staged events, fully delineated in various locations, are being puppeteered, not by the usual Zio-illuminati, no longer free mason cabal of AshkeNAZI swine but… by mysterious cosmic forces. It has to be because, no informed and more or less rational operator, would stage such patently phony events and expect to get away with them. This includes the recent Boston Marathon, false flag and all the other low jinks, these crepuscular zone cretins get up to. I’m talking about purpose of demonstration, done in such a way, that even those too stupid to operate a cellphone and talk at the same time, have to catch on at some point. These things are dumber than network TV (owned by the same fry cooks and sewer felchers who switched their media) and that is saying something. I am, personally, on virtual network TV most of the time, Dancing with the Retards.
The good has been seldom among us of late. The bad has been long running, ubiquitous and turbo charged iniquitous, as seen through the lens of one of the internet’s more inimitable authors. There has been a sea change in the atmosphere of our moments. It is hard to tell and hard to accept that this is all positive and for our collective good, especially if that means the departure of a great many of us, for the collective good. The ugly among us, positively identified numerous times, of course must go, to their Hell below. The impossible to evolve, must simply dissolve, into an oleaginous slime on the sidewalks of our time. Forensic scientists, who might later investigate the composition of that slime, would find it to be an aggregate of Coca Cola, PCB’s, trans fats and rat shit. In future times they will discover that the combination of rat shit and Coca Cola, is an intelligence inhibitor that turns human beings into a kind of non directional, ambulatory Kudzu, or Morella Faya. It’s like the Day of the Triffids with Monsanto GMO Limpets, crawling up their spinal column like The Tingler.
Folks, all the bad news is good news. The IRS scandal, the Central Bankers- tick fest, the false flags, the insane putsch for profits of the soulless, Terminator corporations, the epidemic pederasty of The Church, the foreclosure scams, the destruction of the job markets, all of this is good news because… the materially addicted would never get off their wide load asses otherwise. Shoppers, you can get your Wide Load Jeans out of the Omar the Tentmaker section, over at Wal-Mart, Kmart and None too Smart LTD. The cosmos, in it’s own inexplicable fashion has dumbed down The Apocalypse, so that even you can get it. You who can’t chew gum and suck your thumb at the same time, take notice. Well, Hell, even I might find that hard. Then again, I don’t do either of those things so… I don’t know how hard that really is do I? It probably explains why so many of them opt for just chewing their thumbs.
“Someone call 411”! “Remain calm”.
We have that peculiar advantage of being able to see, in excruciating full color, just how terminally inept and evil our leaders are. It’s everywhere to be seen, unless you’ve been living on a steady diet of Kentucky Fried Chicken Butt Rings for the last twenty years, for some reason that tends to make you someone who can’t outrun their uncle. Well, then again , you do wind up with a kind of family unit for succor. Who’s your daddy? Why that would be Craster.
It’s all coming down on the well deserving heads of creatures like Michael Bloomberg, Shell Soul Adelson, the Rothschilds, Little Georgie Sorrows and sundry, are all warming up in the on deck circle, before the guillotine. You can’t effectively compare these lower life forms to anything remotely human or animal. There is nothing in the animal or plant kingdom that behaves as they do, nothing comes close for sheer mendacity and guile. They’re all here for the purpose of demonstration. They are here to act out on the world’s stage for the enlightenment and elucidation of all. They are being driven by forces unknown to them, into horror upon horror of irredeemable actions. Their Karma is blacker than night in some alien jungle, where there is no moon nor stars to shine. Their deeds span many lifetimes and finally, finally after such a length of time, they have appeared for an accounting. They are trapped in flesh with nowhere to go and Pinhead awaits on all sides. It’s going to be a Cenobite smorgasbord, the very necessary acupuncture of judgment come round at last.
I am no executioner, nor the punisher himself, I am a recording and testifying herald of the state of things and things to come. It takes no fantastic insight or special powers to see these things. All it takes is an enforced detachment from the smoking darkness, born of material fires, which clouds the vision, the reason and the heart. Many of us, few by comparison, see these things. We, we remark, we step back from the feeding troughs of these generations of vipers. We gain that required distance, which automates the objective reasoning capacity. Fate and destiny are determined by intention and direction. I also believe as Heraclitus said, “Character is destiny”. You want to change your fate, change the way you go about things and change the things you pursue because… that defines you. That defines you.
Our words and actions all come from somewhere. They come from a motive force. That force is inspired by a particular objective. Sometimes there are several objectives at work, depending on the subtlety and combination, of calculations toward a result. It’s like games, where more than one strategy might be at work, or where one strategy appears to be at work, as a camouflage for other intents. We see this in politics and the marketplace all the time. In both places, those planning to fuck you good, will have a comforting arm on your shoulder and a good grip on your elbow. You’ll be the recipient of a hearty and false bonhomie. They’ll look at you with the eyes of a lizard and make promises they have no intention of keeping. Much of the time they count upon your willingness to …believe because you want to believe so badly that you tell yourself all the wrong things, discounting evidence that indicates other agendas at work. I know this well on my own part, from things past but in some cases still present.
We live in the contemporary time zone of dark shit. It is sometimes so dark that the darkness compresses to a point where the shit catches on fire. Regardless of what we may see in the present and regardless of the grim years of the recent past, there are immutable laws in operation. They are inexorable. They are fixed in action and design, the same as the course of the planets are and prescient minds can chart such things in every area of enterprise. Things rise and fall in cycles of endless change. Change is the enduring constant of all times.
It does appear, that the rapacious and insincere are triumphant in all aspects of endeavor in these times. They are nothing but hungry ghosts in temporary ascendance. They are crucibles of appetite that cannot be satiated. They feed and feed like the man in the hamburger joint in Interstate 60, with the same result. They are damned and doomed, as surely as their acts convict them in the highest court of all. If there were swift and certain justice at all times, then fools would never be encouraged to follow them. The superficial would not be inclined to be seduced by transparent artifice, thus depriving us of the lessons their courses bear. I know it sounds screwed up and it is. The simple truth of the whole affair is that we live in a world of false appearances. What we see is not what is and this disconnect between the false and real, is what accounts for all of our suffering and misfortune. Appearances are a blind, the reality is behind… appearances. It’s like the world of fashion and the lure of the locations, where such bizarre and ridiculous costumes, get celebrated by the witless and excluded. The excluded celebrate in their dreams of inclusion. These are their heroes. The witless celebrate because they are included. They are equal to the task of wearing clothes and shoes designed by men who hate women. It’s a hotbed of lust-bots who like to fuck stick figures, with heroin eyes that perpetually stare into a personal emptiness. They are the vacant, animated billboards of end times, all of them walking their cat named dog.
Many of us are more than a little confused. How did such vacuous, vain and ignorant egonauts get into such well paid and publicized roles? How is it that the talentless have replaced everyone with talent? How is it that mediocrity has been raised to an art form? How is it that so many unconvincing performances can pass for convincing professional acts? Why is the music so insipid and redundant? Why are the books so execrably predictable and lame? It’s intentional. It’s quite intentional and… so is everything that is happening and it’s good news. It’s very bad news for the shortsighted. It’s very good news for those who can see the long term intentions of the benevolent cosmos, as it sorts and slots everything to its just and lasting reward.
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