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Leaks from last May’s Bilderberg meeting were one of the first indications in the world that Iraq had been selected for the transatlantic alliance’s next military outing.

Bilderberg appears to be where plans for U.S. imperial adventurism are run past the handful of people powerful enough to stop them. As the illegal Iraq invasion crawls on, what will be the next staging post in the global crisis being engineered by the governments of Britain, The United States and Israel? Judging by last year’s leaks, a fly on the wall in Versailles might well discover the answer.

The lower echelons of the ruling class are being told right now that the world is facing total financial meltdown. The only way to save their hard earned investments, they are told, is to throw their weight behind this global crisis centred around the Middle East to replace the time-expired East-West cold war crisis.

In fact, one other way out is to abandon global capitalism altogether (apologies for starting it in the English Civil War by-the-way) and introduce state-sanctioned local money systems controlled and owned by the people of all nations. Instead we (in Europe) are being railroaded into the Eurodollar. If you were ever under an illusion that the Euro was different to the dollar then look on the back of each note – it shows a bridge stretching out from Europe across the Atlantic.

One can never be 100% certain about a venue and dates for Bilderberg but it does seem pretty likely that this is the spot:

The Trianon Palace Hotel – 1, Boulevard de la Reine, Versailles, Paris, France. May 15-18 2003. Kenneth Clarke, in a letter to a Scottish anti-Bilderberg campaigner, has confirmed the venue.

The Trianon Palace Hotel http://www.s-h-systems.co.uk/cgi-bin/www.s-h-systems.co.uk/brochure.pl?id=129705&t=versailles&s=&c=FR
American Free Press http://www.americanfreepress.net will be covering developments in the run-up and during the conference. The annual task remains to break Bilderberg’s wall of secrecy at Versailles this May.

And see http://www.bilderberg.org/2003.htm for the latest Bilderberg gossip.

On a personal note I intend to suspend new postings to this website to concentrate on making sure the Bilderberg site stays up there for you. This list will revert to only 2 postings a year. One to announce the venue when it’s discovered and one to announce the official participant list. You’ll find links to many honest and well-informed news sites such as Online Journal, What Really Happened and Common Dreams on my War on Freedom page at http://www.bilderberg.org/usglobal.htm.

Where will the global crisis end? It seems likely a ‘Christian’/’Jewish’ vs. ‘Moslem’ conflict will emerge from this Middle East crisis which is ironic, since the political leaders of all sides, Bin Laden, Bush, Sharon, Saddam etc. appear to be secular, with little love for God, the poor, or for their fellow man. Misguided marionettes Bush and Blair certainly show contempt for the ten commandments which indicates their professed Christianity may be nothing more than a cover story.

Keep a close eye too on Zionist attempts to rebuild Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem, to expand Israel’s borders and to wipe out the Palestinian people. The Zionist eye is firmly on the main chance: feeding the fire of interreligious hatred amongst the worlds three monotheistic religions.

Oh, and if you are despairing, like I am, at what passes for film or television these days, remind yourself that it really did used to be much better. Watch a seventies conspiracy movie such as ‘The Parallax View’ or Robert Redford’s ‘Three Days of the Condor’.
Tony Gosling – 25Mar03