The obvious flaws in the Woolwich psy op

Jim Stone — via The May 24, 2013

Here we have the scene with no blood, and the body in the road.

Oh, but the camera angle could hide it, right. How about another angle, and notice here, the car is sitting by a fence, out in the open, with no bushes anywhere near it. Where the * are the bushes they supposedly hacked this guy under? Where is the blood?

Still not convinced? How about this?


And now, to the Queen of England:
You are a criminal, the public face of the worst crime family in HISTORY, with an arrogance so huge it calls itself a KINGDOM. YOU FRONTED THIS. And why? For what reason did you need to backstab Muslims, who, as it turns out, seem to end up being perpetually innocent? The worst thing you can do to ANYONE is to perpetrate a crime and then point the finger at the innocent. YOU should be dragged through the streets and lynched. You are a MONSTER, a PSYCHOPATH, a piece of filth so low there is NO NAME FOR IT. You are FAR below the heroin addicted bag lady on the corner, while you sit on your high horse sucking the public tit and hiding behind bullet proof glass and barracades because the public would kill you the moment you were not, WHAT IS IT LIKE TO SURROUND YOURSELF WITH SUCK OFFS WHO AGGRANDIZE YOU, WHILE THE MAJORITY OF MANKIND, OR AT LEAST ANYONE IN THE KNOW WOULD VERY RIGHTFULLY KILL YOU ON SIGHT?
There is a difference between a welfare mom and YOU, though both of you need the public tit for survival. In many cases a welfare mom is a truthful dependent, but by all measure you suck that tit as a PARASITE.

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