Look At My Thumb

“I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism…. I could have given Al Capone a few hints… I helped make Mexico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys…. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street…. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers…. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.”
Major General Smedley Butler

While we sit in our parlors and watch the Right and Left trade jabs over the war in Iraq, the leading candidates of both parties are ALL declaring their commitment to attacking Iran, against the will of 75% of their constituents. Doesn’t it strike you just a little bit strange to hear the Democrats railing in opposition about the war from one side of their mouth, while telling you that we need to expand the war to Iran, from the other? Obviously, if we start a war with Iran, there’s no way we can withdraw from its neighbor, Iraq. The truth is, we were never planning to leave from day one.

But how ‘bout those Republicans, who continue to spread “freedom” around the world (a very liberal idea), while dismantling it piece by piece here at home? Sorry. I really shouldn’t say “Republicans”, because it’s actually the NeoCons, who have taken over the Republican Party and now control our government, along with their partners on the other side of the aisle, who we’ll call the NeoLibs. I suppose that’s why so many people are having trouble with all this (aside from the fact that all our major media outlets are working day and night to mask the reality), they just don’t understand who these politicians really are anymore…liberals with conservative views and conservatives with liberal views; it’s just all so confusing.

The Parties have you looking like a cat watching a ping-pong match and obviously give you little more credit for your intelligence. The only real contest I see between the major candidates of the two Parties is as to which group of gangsters will get to skim the most profits, or as I sometimes like to say, “Who gets to drive the bus that’s taking us all to Hell.” Maybe it’s time we stop looking at the differences between the two sides and take a moment to recognize their similarities and their common goals: A Splendid Little War, Both are pro war and pro one world government, and both have betrayed their oath of office, destroying our Constitutional Bill of Rights and thereby, destroying the United States of America, because that’s what this country was all about. As I’ve said before, the Democrats and Republicans are nothing more than the left and right feet of the same Beast.

Most Americans simply write it all off to greed, which is most understandable, considering what they’ve seen from their politicians and business leaders, but it’s much more than that. We all know this country has never been solvent since day one, but if this exercise in low income/high spending doesn’t stop immediately, there will be absolutely no hope of recovering the nation, as we know it. And guess who else knows it, your favorite Neo candidate. They fully realize that the country is in debt up to its ears and about to be smothered into a total economic collapse, along with the rest of the Western World, but they’re not lifting a finger to stop it. Doesn’t it make you wonder why?

Why has our government continued to allow this ever-increasing trade deficit with China (Wal-Mart), while the Chinese continue to use the profits to modernize their military, which, in turn threatens our ally, Taiwan…and US? In the nineties, when asked about the growing trade imbalance, President Clinton said “It’s hard to get tough with your banker”…but here we are a decade later and nothing’s changed, except the depth of our economic grave and the ever-increasing Chinese stockpile of U.S. Bonds that can be unleashed against us at any moment, resulting in another economic tsunami for America. It’s little wonder that we no longer hear the Republican Party bragging about their President Nixon opening the doors to China.

Obviously, no politician wants to be the one to take the political “hickey” but this problem has existed and dramatically snowballed through two different Bush administrations and one Clinton administration, all realizing the suicidal terminality of the policy (growing closer with every tick of the clock) but none willing (or wanting) to do anything about it. But there you are…pointing the finger of blame at the “other” side, when in all reality, both sides have been consciously tipping the chair for decades. Apparently, this Administration won the coin toss, for the privilege to “kick the legs” out from under it. And soon, the Democratic Party will be asking you to “double-down” with Hillary, leaving history to record Bush-Clinton, Clinton-Bush-Bush, Clinton.

What logic is there in spending millions on a wall for the Mexican border, at the same time handing illegals ANOTHER amnesty, this time including I.D. cards, which allows complete and immediate access to our already overburdened entitlement programs, such as Social Security, which by the way, was completely solvent until our Congress began “borrowing” from the fund and not paying it back? Then, without mentioning how the Social Security system was put into jeopardy in the first place, the President comes up with the brainstorm of fixing the “broke” system, by “rolling the dice” on the stock market, with our funds. That brainfart…err, excuse me…brainstorm, as far-reaching as it was, really didn’t surprise me. It was obviously just another way of transferring our wealth upward. What surprised me was how many greedy little people actually thought it was a good idea. Considering what has befallen Wall Street this month, I wonder just how many of those economic wizards and their “O’Rushanitys” would still like to see their retirement fund “ride”.

And what about the “pride of naval aviators”, the F-14 Tomcat? (Remember the fighter-jet movie “Top Gun” with Tom What’s-his name.) As you are reading this, we are paying millions for a private contractor to shred entire squadrons of our Tomcats into little pieces of tin, with the lame excuse that Iran might get their hands on badly needed spare parts for the 79 F-14s that we sold the Shah, before he was overthrown. The truth is, we can’t get our hands on spare parts either, because they are no longer manufactured and the maintenance of these planes is considered expensive, but remembering that we’ve been told that this will be a “thirty year war”, there could easily come a time when we wished that we had maintained a few squadrons (through a simple cannibalization program) of these multi-million dollar avenging angels, whose first deployment included air cover for the helicopter evacuation of the American Embassy in Saigon.

If the Iranian Tomcats are such a lethal threat, then why are we destroying our entire F-14 force? Is it because the plane is so truly outdated or simply just another way to spend more of our hard-earned money with the Military-Industrial Complex. Chuck Yeager, a highly decorated WWII fighter pilot and our most famous Cold War test pilot said in his book, “The Right Stuff” that it’s not the plane, but the pilot who wins or looses the battle. Unfortunately…and for whatever reason, it appears that our leaders are willing to further weaken our defenses and risk the future security of our nation, with the excuse that they can’t guarantee the security of the planes, on our own military bases!

Oh well, I could come up with dozens, if not hundreds (probably thousands) of examples of our government’s wasteful and fraudulent activities (maybe I should have mentioned that Alaskan Bridge to Nowhere) and the latest news about it’s sponsor, Senator Stevens, who proposed the nonsensical expenditure, but I’m not going to waste any more space on what should already be obvious to every American. I think you probably get the picture…if you ever will.

Figure it out, folks. Anybody with an above room temperature IQ could manage the nation’s economy better than this slow, downward spiral that our economy’s been experiencing, every since our nation…or should I say “our corporations” went “global”. While we continue to argue about Right and Left, black and white, hetero and homo…the “shepherds” are slaughtering the sheep…and your All-American ass is mutton!

Government is charged with the economic well being of it’s citizens…and as such, has always competed with other countries for the economic welfare of the nation, “taking care of business” to keep the general economy healthy and the country’s laborers employed…at least that’s the way it’s supposed to happen…but our leaders seem to have forgotten their duty to the nation, in favor of an unnaturally glorious bottom line for the corporations, affording the board members and CEOs to grant themselves those mega-million salaries, incredible bonuses and perks galore, not to mention the lavish retirement packages…and in doing so, leaving the small citizen/stockholder to pay the bills, just as they did with the war, when Wolfowitz claimed that it would all be paid for by the oil. Unfortunately, our government leaders seem to be ignoring our nation’s bottom line and continue to throw our money to the wind, or making it magically disappear completely, with little or no accountability.

Throughout our history, big business “politics” have generally taken the form of advantageous legislation (or the advantageous lack, thereof), allowing business practices, such as the unbridled, international trade that is now eliminating American jobs, along with the “off-shoring” of American corporate offices, enabling corporations to avoid paying their already reduced American taxes. But sometimes, the normal political pressures aren’t enough to sway “independent” nations to go along with the program. Then we realize the most extreme extension of politics… War!, because that’s all war really is, the utilization of brute force for political supremacy…and isn’t it funny (probably not the best word) that war always factors into the economic equation.

Most anyone will tell you that in their heart of hearts, they know that the war in Iraq is all about oil…and for many of the “players”, that’s true…but if that was the whole story, we could have helped Saddam with his war debt to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia…and done so at a lesser cost of our money, material and especially men, leaving the savage dictator in place to defend the western Gulf oil states (and US, by proxy) from “radical Iran”, as he always did. Even our oil companies advised against invading Iraq, because of the extreme risk of total war in the Middle East and the economic consequences that we could suffer, if the flow of oil from the region was cut off for any significant length of time?

Even most of the “opposition” politicians and pundits go along with the popular belief that this war is all about oil…but the few enlightened (mostly those with knowledge of military and/or religious studies) knew early on that this simply wasn’t the case. When I see old George and Bill paling around the golf course, smiling and clowning for the cameras, I have to think about their complicity in attacking Iraq, Bush’s invasion of Panama and Clinton’s bombing campaign on the Serbian “White Christians” (“White” being a political adjective, not a racial one). It seems the one thing our opposing political parties have no trouble agreeing upon is attacking any country or true American new order that objects to the “new order” of things, so we just keep pouring mega-billions of borrowed money into un-necessary wars, at the same time wearing down our war machine and revving up the economic crash spiral.

Get a clue people. Both Parties want to take us into a socialist world government, with them and their corporate bosses on top…and the rest of us on bottom (that is, the rest of us who are still alive, after the world war). The only question remaining seems to be whether we’ll have a totalitarian, Nazi style socialism or a totalitarian, Communist style socialism. Either way, they’re still on top and we’re taking it…well, lets just say, you’re going to be awful sore, tomorrow.