Should Married Men be Allowed to Cheat?

James — May 23, 2013

Agree with all you say here, about marriage and the man-woman bond.
The trouble with marriage is that after some time boredom sets in. It seems unavoidable, in most marriages. Have never seen this discussed here, though. The fact that man is naturally polygamous seems to have something to do with it. And isn’t it God who made us that way?
Yet our cultural “leaders” have carefully crafted movies and TV shows of happy marriages, in which one little misstep or fling by the husband with another woman becomes fodder for the most terrible of dramas and tantrums by the wife that inevitably must lead to divorce and family break-up. That has developed into something of a subversive standard formula the TV Jews have foisted on people (with a litany of other family destroying machinations).
Why not be a little more forgiving with men who have a romp in the hay out of the house? Most men still love their wives and family and would never think of abandoning them. Mankind has been like that for millions of years and it hasn’t changed yet since we became “civilized”. We can either be honest about it or sweep it under the rug.
I know the purists will be outraged about this but never mind their torpedoes and accusations of promoting Sodom and Gomorrah. This is meant to honestly explore whether – absent the artificial formula of the TV b*stards – it could save families that (almost unnecessarily?) break up.


Continues (and as the comments show, this aroused some interest) …

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