Man & Woman mirror God & Creation

Henry Makow Ph.D. — May 22, 2013

Why “Hell has no Wrath like a Woman Scorned'” (Revised and Updated from 2002)

In a deceptive article, “Infantriarchy”, currently lauded as “brilliant” on the anti-feminist website A Voice for Men, Gordon Wadsworth argues that “equality and self actualization” will result from overcoming two basic “defects.” He seems ignorant that these “defects” in fact define gender and are at the heart of heterosexuality.
The female defect is her desire to infantilize herself; to project a facade of weakness and victimhood. The female does this because part of her identity is contingent on compelling males to act on her behalf. This is a mechanism which allows the female to feel desirable, important, and powerful. …Thus, the female defect keeps her from assuming personal responsibility, which presents a barrier to her self-actualization.
The male defect is his desire to compensate for the infantilized female. He does this because part of his identity is contingent on earning female validation. He thus demonstrates his ability to protect, provision and inform. This is a mechanism for feeling useful, powerful, knowledgeable, and important. The male defect leads him to compete with other males to demonstrate his primacy to females… This becomes his own barrier to self-actualization.
These defects mean that the female path of self-actualization is one of taking responsibility, and the male path of self-actualization is one of relinquishing responsibility.
Wadsworth thinks he is anti-feminist; but this is pure feminism – neutering the sexes by empowering women and enfeebling men.
Wadsworth is providing a recipe for more gender neutering and confusion not “self actualization.” Gender is based on an imbalance of worldly ((physical, material) power between male and female. Just look at how much stronger males usually are. As I have said, heterosexuality requires the surrender of female material power to a select male (husband) in exchange for his power, expressed as his love. This exclusive contract is consecrated by exclusive sex, marriage and family.
Men want power; women want love. Marriage is the exchange of the two; i.e. Male love in exchange for Female power.
With “strong and independent” women, there is more temptation for men to evade their role, i.e. providing leadership. This is just what the Illuminati  want. Instead, men need to return to the traditional model, where the male is the Captain of the ship, and the woman is the First Mate. This is what women still want: a man strong and worthy enough to earn her allegiance. No amount of feminist social engineering can overcome natural instincts, as long as Captains don’t abandon ship.



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