Charles Darwin – Stock Picker

by James Perloff — Excerpt from “Truth is a Lonely Warrior” (2013) ( May 22, 2013

As the author of two books exposing Darwinism’s myths, I was stunned by this reference [in the “notorious forgery” – The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.]
I understood Darwinism’s relationship to atheism and social destruction, having witnessed it firsthand in the 1960s. But how did the Czar’s police make that link? And if their goal was to persecute Jews, why bring Charles Darwin into the picture? – he wasn’t, to my knowledge, a significant figure in 1900 Russia.
Furthermore, the statement about “arranging the successes of Darwinism” intrigued me, because Darwin lived as a gentleman on a huge estate with up to eight servants. Yet he received no wages from employment, and earned only about 10,000 pounds from his books during his lifetime. Darwin did receive an inheritance from his father, but not enough to maintain such a grand standard of living.
Very few books have discussed Darwin’s finances, and only one did in detail: Darwin Revalued (1955) by Sir Arthur Keith. This rare book disclosed that Darwin made a fortune through investments. Reviewing Darwin’s ledgers, Keith reported:  “I note that in some of his earlier dealings there were small losses, but in all his later investments there were only gains, some of them on quite a big scale.”

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