Schmoo Nation and their Disney Jesus Christ

Reflections in a Petri Dish — May 21, 2013

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While I was in India, I read a vastly informative and entertaining novel by Michael Crichton called “Next”. Crichton was very good at what he did. He had the success and public reach to prove that; regardless of what other characteristics and features may also exist about him. I’m not well informed about those things, which may or may not have existed about him, outside the spectrum of his literary impact.
Now in a related matter we have CFR member Angelina Jolie, engaged in a strange affair concerning her mammaries. ♫Mammaries, from the corners of my mind, water colored absent mammaries that used to was or were♫ In the moment, these departed mammaries, are being held up in suspension, by some kind of metaphorical Playtex living bra. I don’t like to discount the author of that latest link, just because of his questionable association with and support of, Alex ‘Disinfo‘ Jones. He provides a lot of useful info. I can separate what people feel they have to do to stay upwardly mobile, from whatever good they may accomplish, irrespective of whatever compromises they feel they have to make. Heck, I’m not even allowed to sell out so… maybe I resent that (grin). Still, I do manage to live on less than anyone I know and even thrive, mostly because I don’t want anything, unless it’s some kind of pressing need, having to do with ‘tools of the trade’, liberally defined in terms of value added. Go ahead, figure that one out.
Things are not going well in the heartland of the empire, as far as the weather is concerned. I attribute this to the cognitive disconnect between Ozzie and Harriet, Disneyland Christianity and the uses that the propaganda is put to, in order to murder hundreds of thousands of people, in a kind of red herring, bloodbath extravaganza, whose point is to conceal the actual perpe-traitors of all the bad shit that Schmoo Nation is brainwashed into protecting. All of the problems of present time are being orchestrated by neo-con Zionists and their tail of the dog wagging political whores. I see I’m kind of torturing the English language today. That’s fitting, given the collective tortures visited upon all of us, directly or indirectly, by the pandering consent of Schmoo Nation, on behalf of the real villains, which makes it so very possible for them to do all the things they do.
Nature is the mirror of the ineffable so, when the mirror gets all bent out of shape, you start to see some strange reflections that do not reflect what is …but rather what it has been twisted into and… sooner or later, something powerful steps in to make readjustments to the mirror and… these readjustments are usually not in support of the dum de dum de dum interests of Schmoo Nation.
You can’t follow someone like Jesus Christ, regardless of what you might believe about the historical end, and defile and distort all of the teachings upon which your religion is founded and expect resounding rounds of applause from wherever the associated Heaven is located. What you are going to hear are sustained ovations from The Pit, for doing such a fantastic job, pissing all over the tenets you profess to believe in. You cannot possibly be a follower of someone, if you are going in the diametrically opposite direction, can you? So… Nature is going to kick some Schmoo ass. That is going to intensify and intensify, until Schmoo Nation wakes up, or Schmoo Nation gets composted. Waking up would be great but the compost is also guaranteed to be mineral rich. It’s win win, unless you’re a Schmoo or a Teletubbie.♫Bang a gong, get it on♫ or… get gone.
Unfortunately for The Cabbage Patch Cretins, they are caught in the maelstrom, between the Scylla and Charybdis of roiling ignorance, known as politics and religion. They are perpetual dupes of the one and acolytes of the non existent God that the atheists don’t believe in on the other hand. This in no way is a statement on my part of there being no resident and abiding, cosmically conscious entity, in full regard of our each and every state and situation. I know for a fact there is, which I can demonstrably prove (and have done) that there is such an entity with a large (small by comparisons here and there) complement of associates, who work under the, ‘made in Hong Kong’ radar, of Schmoo Nation. That’s neither here nor there… hmmm, now that is a very interesting thing to say, some kind of Zen overtones (undertones) going on there; a kind of Scarlet Pimpernel, spiritual thing; my kind of thing.
Unlike Schmoo Nation, I know it’s not okay to kill people that the psychopaths, running your religions, say you should, just so you won’t see that they are the ones doing all the bad shit; not like you would in any case, since your Jesus lives in your stomach or some other nearby location and your idea of gaining compliance is showing your fist. Fuck you… and fuck the fairy tale you rode in here on. Your day is no longer coming, Schmoo Nation, it’s here. The day is here for you and your degenerate neo-con masters
The dribbling Nitwityahoo, says that if Russia keeps giving Syria weapons to defend themselves against unprovoked acts of Israeli violence, it will mean war. It’s not war already? I’m missing something? Let me see if I got this straight, if you don’t lay down and let us kill you, we are going to kill you. That sound about right? Most of all of this dark shit is going on because of the rapid approach of the intensification zone of The Apocalypse. The demon worshiping, psycho trolls know all about this and it is their intention to manufacture as much malice as possible prior to. They also have this dumbass idea that if they can enslave and murder enough of everyone else, then maybe they can take over the whole world, even though no one ever has, or ever will. Good luck with that. You’re not as smart as you think you are and that… that is always a bad mindset to have in any case. Everything you acquired temporary control over, was given to you for the purpose of demonstration so that you can learn you control nothing. All your ethnic cleansings and genocides have been permitted for a reason. You’re in big trouble, hosanna hey!!!
Now, one of the world’s numero uno Satanic industries, is on it’s way to lasting ignominious defeats. I’m talking about Monsanto- My Satan. How are they spending their time? Oh, this looks credible! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I’m definitely laughing, we’ll hold off on the tears for the moment. It would be a good idea if someone looked into the social associations of head Satanic honcho, Hugh Grant. Who’s he hang out with? The time has come for an army of trackers, to begin to surreptitiously dog the footsteps of people like this. The time has come for names to be named, in politics, religion, academia and all those government agencies where policy gets set.
We’re given to understand now that although the White House knew about the IRS clusterfuck awhile ago, Obama was never told about it. Sure, that makes sense. The people entrusted with keeping you updated, made the executive decision not to tell you about things that are a serious part of your job description. One has only to spend a few excruciating moments, listening to the press secretary fluffer-flack for the Liar in Chief, to see what it’s like when someone a mile wide and an inch deep, sets about trying to extricate himself from all the shit he had no excuse for stepping in. Where did this Zio-Stooge robot come from? No one at Harvard seems able to remember him. He’s got weird social security cards and unavailable informations, making him the dubious progeny of questionable heritage.
We live in a world of the moment, so divorced from reality that when reality does attempt to present itself, an angry mob stones it to death. Incapable of believing in what is real, people are driven to believe in anything they can latch on to that will sell them some kind of Herbal Life formula, absent the herbs. That means that dancing chickens like Obama can talk about ‘change you can believe in’ because.. let’s face it, you’ll believe anything you’re told. You’re just going to play follow the leader while your clueless leader, leads you out into the trackless desert, where you can all march around in circles, while the vultures fly in circles overheard. You might be bone deep stupid but the vultures are not. The soul eating Zio-Ogres are circling too. It’s a Bad Day at Black Rock for the Nation of Schmoos.
There go the ranks of drummer boys. There go the flags whipping from the guidons. There go the canon fodder, Schmoos marching behind, chests bursting with pride, incapable of embarrassment, incapable of thought, chanting, “USA! USA! USA!” Here comes Homeland Security like wild west rustlers with ropes and branding irons. I love the smell of cottage cheese asses being branded in the morning! When they’re not marching and getting branded, they’re slouched on the couch in the winking blue light of their television God, listening to their false prophets and getting misinformed …and digging it like they were getting waterboarded with mother’s milk, which you can be sure is not coming from Angelina Jolie, while righteous cancer cures are ignored and those who make them public get slandered or dead. Cancer is a fucking business, you morons.
Alright Visible, take a deep breath, it can’t be long now. Maybe the really bad stuff will hold off until you can get wherever it is you’re supposed to be, along with whomever else is meant to show up. It doesn’t matter that much, truth be told. Sanctuary is everywhere that the open and loving heart resides.
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