BBC Admits: No Global Warming For 15 Years

News Commentary — May 20, 2013

Snow covered fields in County Durham, December 16, 2011

So this is what the BBC’s audience gets in return for the corporation’s extortionate and mandatory licence fees. After nearly 15 years, a belated admission that global warming isn’t quite the looming threat that they had warned about.

Although, of course, the BBC isn’t quite so open in acknowledging its error. If indeed it was an error and not deliberate disinformation.
Instead, the BBC claims that “Since 1998, there has been an unexplained ‘standstill’ in the heating of the Earth’s atmosphere.”
In other words there has been no significant global warming. Despite relentless BBC attempts to persuade us otherwise and its quibbling admission that “there has been an unexplained ‘standstill'” in the process.
All of which is a disingenuous way of saying that “global warming” maybe something of a non-event. Like Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction, another impending threat that the BBC had relentlessly reported on and which ultimately turned out to be entirely non-existent.
This is hardly news though. Only the fact that the Corporations has acknowledged an “unexplained standstill” is noteworthy. After all, recent winters have been some of the harshest in decades so this “standstill” in global warming has been self-evident.
Or at least it should be to anyone who don’t accept all they’re told by the corporate media without question.

Climate slowdown means extreme rates of warming ‘not as likely’

Matt McGrath — BBC Online May 19, 2013

The impacts of rising temperatures are being felt particularly in the polar regions, says the BBC caption.

Scientists say the recent downturn in the rate of global warming will lead to lower temperature rises in the short-term.

Since 1998, there has been an unexplained “standstill” in the heating of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Writing in Nature Geoscience, the researchers say this will reduce predicted warming in the coming decades.

But long-term, the expected temperature rises will not alter significantly.

The slowdown in the expected rate of global warming has been studied for several years now. Earlier this year, the UK Met Office lowered their five-year temperature forecast.

But this new paper gives the clearest picture yet of how any slowdown is likely to affect temperatures in both the short-term and long-term.

An international team of researchers looked at how the last decade would impact long-term, equilibrium climate sensitivity and the shorter term climate response.

Transient nature

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