Ex-spy to sue Queen

An Englishman, who was part of the British Army’s spy network along the Border and in the Republic, has instructed solicitors to issue a writ against Queen Elizabeth II in the Dublin High Court.

The man, who uses the pseudonym Sam Rosenfeld, is launching the action to bring a halt to, what he says is, a campaign of abuse and intimidation directed against him by current and former British Army personnel, and which forced him to flee his London home six months ago.

Rosenfeld says this culminated in the appearance of reporters from the Sunday Times and Phoenix Magazine at the door of his London home last year, asking him if he had any connection to the raid by anti-terrorist police on a house June 2006 in search of chemical bombs. He is also taking legal proceedings against the two publications.

“Ireland is one place where the Ministry of Defence’s secretive gagging orders will hold no sway with the Courts and that is why I have instructed solicitors there to begin an action for harassment and defamation in the Dublin High Court,” he said.