It’s official: thanks to Stephen Hawking’s Israel boycott, anti-Semitism is no more

Introduction — May 18, 2013

Interesting that the Independent quickly closed its comments section at the foot of this article. This invariably happens when comments don’t accord with the papers editorial policy. In this case the argument that “anti-Semitism” is far from finished and to suggest such a thing is, as Jacobson implies, anti-Semitic.
Of course, Jacobson isn’t quite so blunt. Instead he asks: why of all offending countries is Israel alone to be boycotted? Is it, Jacobson suggests, because it just so happens to be Jewish?
The implication being that criticism of Israel amounts to “anti-Semitism”.
Nor does Jacobson mention the nature of the crimes Israel is accused of. After all to even mention the murder of Palestinian children could be construed as “anti-Semitic”.
Whether it actually is or not is open to debate but Jacobson’s whining is an indication that such criticism is beginning to hit home. As illustrated by the cartoon from the JEWISH DAIL FORWARD, right.
For when all else fails Zionists and their minions in the mass media, like Jacobson, invariably resort to claims of “anti-Semitism” to garner sympathy and support. And if that fails then they’ll just get plain nasty.
We are not here to defend Stephen Hawking but Zionist reaction to his decision to boycott the Israeli president’s conference is telling and reveals Zionists for what they really are.

It’s official: thanks to Stephen Hawking’s Israel boycott, anti-Semitism is no more

Howard Jacobson — The Independent May 17, 2013

Gather round, everybody. I bear important news. Anti-Semitism no longer exists! Ring out, ye bells, the longest hatred has ceased to be. It’s kaput, kicked the bucket, shuffled off its mortal coil, joined the bleedin’ choir invisible. It’s a stiff, ladies and gentlemen. An EX-PREJUDICE!

I first heard the news in a motion passed by the University and College Union declaring that criticism of Israel can “never” be anti-Semitic which, if “never” means “never”, is a guarantee that Jew-hating is over, because … Well, because it’s impossible to believe that an active anti-Semite wouldn’t – if only opportunistically – seek out somewhere to nestle in the manifold pleats of Israel-bashing, whether in generally diffuse anti-Zionism, or in more specific Boycott and Divestment Campaigns, Israeli Apartheid Weeks, End the Occupation movements and the like. Of course, you don’t have to hate Jews to hate Israel, but tell me that not a single Jew-hater finds the activity congenial, that criticising Israel can “never” be an expression of Jew-hating, not even when it takes the form of accusing Israeli soldiers of harvesting organs, then it follows that there’s no Jew-hating left.

These tidings would seem to be confirmed by Judge Anthony Snelson who, investigating a complaint that the Union was institutionally anti-Semitic, encountered not a trace of any such beast, no suggestion it had lurked or was lurking, not the faintest rustle of its cerements, not so much as a frozen shadow on a wall. Indeed, so squeaky-clean was the union in all its anti-Israel motions and redefinitions of anti-Semitism to suit itself, that Judge Snelson berated the Jewish complainants, a) for wasting his time with evidence, b) for irresponsibly raiding the public purse, and c) for trying to silence debate, which is, of course, the rightful province of the Boycott and Divestment movement.

Howard Jacobson continues his whining here …

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