Bloody confession: Tsarnaev ‘wrote note’ inside boat prior to arrest

Introduction — May 16, 2013

Dzokhar emerges from underneath boat cover during his arrest, apparently uninjured. Click to enlarge

Tsarnaev’s ‘confession’ will not silence the mounting questions over the flaws and inconsistencies in the official account of the Boston Marathon bombing. Particularly after officials have now admitted that Tsarnaev was NOT ARMED when he was arrested, despite earlier police claims that he was wounded in a “shootout” during the arrest.
Such contradictions only add to suspicions as no one actually saw Tsarnaev write his alleged ‘confession’ in the boat. 
All the more so as during his arrest Tsarnaev reportedly sustained injuries to his throat that have since rendered him “speechless”. So although he cannot testify in an open court U.S. authorities will now have a confession with which to prosecute him.
Or so we are being led to believe.
It’s all a little too convenient, especially as it ignores all the other suspect characters who were photographed at the scene and whom the corporate media have still not even mentioned.
How long has it been now? Those photographs clearly indicate that something odd was happening and the Tsarnaev brothers were not involved. Yet the corporate media still hasn’t breathed a word about them.
Instead, they’ve focused on the Tsarnaev brothers while U.S. authorities have built a case against them. So although it could be entirely fabricated, expect the corporate media to continue to focus on the Tsarnaev brothers while studiously ignoring the other characters who were photographed acting suspiciously at the scene.
Even more than with 9/11, the corporate media is helping the authorities piece together the official account of events and sell it to the public. Helping the real bombers to evade scrutiny as they fabricate the “news” and the public is distracted and the guilty evade justice.
In effect, that makes the corporate media complicit in these crimes.

Bloody confession: Tsarnaev ‘wrote note’ inside boat prior to arrest

Russia Today — May 16, 2013

Battered and bloody, Boston bombings suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev reportedly scrawled a confession inside the hull of a boat police found him in after a day-long manhunt. The note says the April marathon bombing was revenge for US actions against Muslims.

The confession specifically named US military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq as motives for the attack, and called the Boston Marathon bombing victims ‘collateral damage’ in the same vein that Muslim civilians had been killed in American led wars, CBS news reports.

“When you attack one Muslim, you attack all Muslims,” the note allegedly added.

Dzhokhar reportedly declared he did not mourn the death of his older brother Tamerlan – the other suspect in the bombings, who died from injured received during a shootout with police – saying he was already a martyr in paradise. Dzhokhar added that he expected to join his brother in the afterlife.

Law enforcement sources told the network the wall the note had been scribbled on was riddled with bullet holes. Police unloaded a volley of shots after Dzhokhar lifted up the tarpaulin, claiming they feared he had another bomb.

He had sustained multiple gunshot wounds and was severely bleeding from injuries to his left ear, neck and thigh. Initial reports said his neck wound was possibly from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a botched suicide attempt, though it was later revealed that Dzhokhar was unarmed when captured in Suburban Watertown Massachusetts on April 19.

His arrest followed a massive manhunt which brought the greater Boston area to a standstill.

Police say the contents of the confession mirror many of the things he communicated to investigators while recovering from his injuries at a hospital several days later. The confession will be admissible in court.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, is currently convalescing in a federal prison hospital in Massachusetts and has been charged with using a weapon of mass destruction in the deadly attack which killed three people and injured 264 near the marathon finish line on April 15.

If found guilty, he could face the death penalty.


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