Cristeros War- Mexicans Revolted Against Judeo Masonic Tyranny — March 31, 2018

Execution of Fr. Francisco Vera, 1927. Click to enlargeAs in Soviet Russia, Mexican priests were murdered by Freemasons in 1920’s
Was the murder of priests and destruction of churches confined to Judeo Masonic (Bolshevik) Russia?   No.
In the 1920’s, hundreds of priests were tortured and murdered in Mexico when the Freemason President Plutarco Elias Calles ordered the suppression of the Catholic Church. For Greater Glory a superb film released in 2012, now available on YouTube, documents the Cristeros uprising where Christians took up arms against the satanist government of Mexico and forced it to compromise. The rebellion, from 1926-1929, claimed  57,000 government soldiers and 30,000 Cristeros “insurgents” plus civilians.
Never heard of this rebellion? Neither have Mexicans.  Freemasons, who espouse freedom and tolerance (for their own evil), don’t want you to know about armed resistance to their tyranny. According to historian Ruben Quezada, “As recently as the 1980s it was difficult to find a single book that mentioned anything substantive about the Cristiada. If it was mentioned, it usually was no more than a single sentence in President Calles’ biography.  School systems did not include the Cristiada as part of its history so that future generations would soon lose any knowledge of it… There is more freedom of the press today, and a large volume of untold stories about the Cristiada — testimonies and images that were illegal to print or publish for many years — are finally emerging. There are literally thousands of testimonies coming to light that reveal an inspiring history that has been hidden for decades under a dark shadow of fear and denial.”

Christians are facing persecution from the Communists in the US government and media. They may get inspiration from this story which defines the true occult nature of the tyranny enslaving mankind.
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From June 15, 2013 

20th Century Mexico’s Catholic Uprising

by Olivier Lelibre — (Abridged by

In 1924, Plutarco Elias Calles became President. For this descendant of Spanish Jews, a 33rd degree Mason, “the Church is the unique cause of all Mexico’s misfortunes.” For him, too, she had to disappear. [He was a tool of the Illuminati bankers, the masters of the Mexican economy in 1914: Rockefeller (rubber), Goblentz (textiles), Guggenheim (mines), Hearst (alias Hirsch) who owned 3 million metric acres, and the Kuhn-Loeb bank, which financed Lenin.]

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