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Smoking Mirrors — May 14, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Let’s start off today testing your gag reflex, as you peruse this bit of fellatio, being performed by the media, which is wholly owned by those who dispense these hum jobs on themselves. Here we see a registered and labeled, cold blooded psychopath, being given the Disney/Norman Rockwell treatment. They just love to transfer those skills they practice in The Valley, for profit, into the area where they practice another kind of pornographic, pubic relations. Speaking of pornographic events, practiced on your unwilling posteriors and trembling Jello minds, here’s another gorge raising event brought to you by the same people WHO ALSO destroyed the previous structures that used to occupy that space. Yes, it can’t be said too often; Israel AND the world wide Satanic Zionist Conspiracy to enslave and/or destroy humanity, with the assistance of bought off politicians, corrupt intelligence services AND– the stupidest general population that has ever lumbered mindlessly, across a poisoned and plasticized landscape, in concert and cooperation with each other, attacked the United States on 9/11. The same players also did 7/7 and The Madrid Train station bombings… all these locations were guarded by the same Israeli Security company, whose job it was to facilitate the carnage, in honor of whatever bloodthirsty demon they were making the living sacrifices to. Behind all these actions, lies The Black Widow Spider Family, the arch Satanic bloodline present on the planet today; that would be The Rothschilds. There you have it in plain, daylight style. Believe it or not …it’s your call. Embracing a lie puts you into the same pending destiny-environment of that lie. Cutting a lie loose …well, you do the math.
You know, I believe I will say it again; Israel, The World Wide Zionist, Anti-Human Conspiracy and assorted shit golems, did 9/11, under orders from The Rothschilds. Hmmm, you know what? I think I will say it again, this time in all caps. ISRAEL, WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF VARIOUS NIMRODS, UNDER ORDERS FROM THE ROTHSCHILD FAMILY DID 9/11. Let’s retroactively put that in Bold type, yeah, lets.
All the criminal banking scams and action that have taken place over recent times and probably at all times before, were ordered or engineered by the Central Banks, which includes The (NOT) Federal Reserve. Should you be inclined to use a little industrial strength graphite, 3 in 1 Oil, WD 40, or a blowtorch, to remove your ass from where it has bonded with the Pleather in your easy chair, you can probably find out which genetic abomination owns all of The Central Banks.
I’m supposing there are some who might feel I am being somewhat redundant and repetitive of late. Perhaps there are some who feel I might be stating the case too strongly? Possibly I should be more understanding and refer to these murderous fiends as, simply confused, misunderstood- ♫Oh Lord, Please don’t let me be…♫? Perhaps I am lacking in (fundie) Christian compassion and am missing the amount of pressure that these people have to operate under every day, while they spread death and destruction globally (there aren’t enough hours in the day)… or simply take their time and engage in grievous torture first but… then again, there just isn’t enough time …and surely I should have some kind of empathy about that.
Yes, here I am talking shit about those who make shit look like lobster bisque, when I could be sharing recipes (for lobster bisque?), giving seminars (for a good chunk of cash) on visualizing prosperity, presenting pay per view tantric workshops over the internet, or whatever it is that people do when they have no concern for things like this because… because… uh… uh… uh… fill in the blanks.
Well, I’m not going to stop beating this drum, until some sizable portion of the sleeping classes, gets off their sizable asses and starts putting up stickers in toilet stalls, with internet urls, bus kiosks, buses, police cars, store windows, military vehicles, definitely Homeland Security Nazi-mobiles, pre-schools, elementary schools, high schools and college bulletin boards, workplaces, national monuments, state and national parks, utility vehicles and should you be capable of larger artistic endeavors, feel free to hang banners from overpasses and apply creative graffiti everywhere it will take the application.
Your government is making war on you, under orders from the criminal nation of Israel and their sponsors, The Central Banks, who are presently stealing whatever they can get their hands on. This is taking place right now. It has been taking place for some time and it will continue to take place and become more and more and more extreme …until something or someone stops them.
I know these blogs would probably receive a lot more positive attention, if I were to devote myself to talking about fashion, posting recipes and providing the ravenous public with miracle diets, as well as links to professional stomach stapling clinics. I have thought long and hard about this. How can I serve my visitors and reading public in a more useful way? How can I attract the denizens of The Heartland to my little corner of the internet? Should I have a looping country western soundtrack going 24/7. Sim, will you look into that?
Well, dear reader, I don’t have to do any of these things. I don’t even have to continue with these things that I do. We are in a time of forced awakening. It will come to those who are already so inclined and it will come to those whose resistance is adamantine and resistant past the point of surrender. It is going to come to the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. It’s going to come like Hell and High-water and all those things that attend the end of one age and the beginning of another. It’s going to come because it is destined and inevitable. There is no defense against it. There is no hiding place and no secure fortress that can be raised or discovered, which can protect anyone against the certainty of their own destruction which they carry within them.
We have endured and suffered more terrible and unpleasant things than any of us can now remember. Repeatedly we close the door on a lifetime and then forget all memory of it, once we are loaded into the chute for one more followup. We walk about and engage in all of those normal and abnormal things that arouse our passions for performance, mostly, totally unaware of the recording secretary that accompanies us in every moment of the days and nights that carrousel until the amusement park goes dark, just as we are unaware of the means of our liberation, which also accompanies us through that carrousel of days and nights.
It is the most curious thing how we can be surrounded by compelling and corroborating evidence of so many things, all of which combine to paint a glaring portrait of what is. Even all of what is not, confirms what is. Every lie, no matter how truthful in appearance, or how ridiculously transparent, is proof of the truth for those who know how to analyze these things.
We do not have to live on our knees at the whims and pleasure of psychopaths. We do not have to go in fear of those whose greatest power is in their ability to generate fear. Once we have understood and confronted our fear, they no longer have any power. They only get away with what they get away with for the purpose of demonstration, for a specified period of time, until the time arrives for their spectacular and final downfall and that time is not far off. Allowing these fiends to instill fear in you, ties you to them and that is the point of the whole affair. Pretending they’re not there and worse… sidling up to them and looking for a piece of the action, will produce certain results that you can depend on. Making yourself believe that you have to cut deals with these monsters, in order to survive, might grant you some time in the short run …but will surely damn you in the long run. Take any or all of it for what it’s worth, based on how your value meter reads this sort of thing.
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