Enduring Adytums and Castles Made of Sand

Visible Origami — May 13, 2013

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May your noses always be upwind from the Central Bankers.
In the Western Mystery Tradition, an adytum is used to refer to the human body. It’s the inner sanctum, not for public entrance, forbidden to be entered by anyone but legitimate priests. It’s a kind of ‘holies of holies’. Of course, that part about no one but priests being able to enter is a bit of a blind. We are all priests, given the temperament and behavior that reflects the state. It’s reflective of that statement, “know ye not that your body is the temple of the living God”? So, if we want to take it all literally, we can see that the modus operandi of times like these, is that people use their bodies near exclusively for the purpose of physical pleasures on the one hand, or are instead swallowed up in self righteousness, certain that a stern and reproving heaven, is delighting in their exceptionalism and bringing to mind quotes like, “all your righteousness is as filthy rags” and terms like “whitened sepulchers”. As much as a true spiritual life is serious business, one should always remember to have a lightness of being and to never lose their sense of humor. Certainly God has a sense of humor, he made us, didn’t he? One might almost call it ‘black humor’ at this stage of ‘the game’.
Many people look at life as a Crackerjack Box. Ironically it often resembles one; a collection of syrupy garbage that gets in between your teeth and is attended by what is called ‘a prize’ (I think), which turns out to be a piece of useless plastic shit. Of course, that’s only one end of life. The biggest downturn of materialism, is the crushing disappointment that attends it. Most of us have a conscience. A lot of the time we are not entirely familiar with all of the duties of the conscience. I don’t think there’s any difference between it and ‘the still small voice’. There’s something else too. I don’t believe the condition is exclusive to me but… I have noticed that this internal voice, which in earlier times was chiding, exhorting and generally being annoying (grin) has… over time, become reassuring, encouraging and even complimentary.
I’ve heard it said, more or less, that this voice is always a critical voice and if you are getting anything else, it is not authentic and you are ‘probably’ hearing from a malicious spirit or some-such. At this point I don’t believe that. I think it is altogether possible that later on ‘up the road’, we might well hear positive affirmations, given that we are more or less, either on course, or not far off. It defies my sense of logic that the divine would beat on us the whole way.
Modern culture is a cesspit. It is no easy thing to move through it and yet remain apart from its attractions (much less avoid stepping in it or falling face down) and blandishments that appeal to our vanity and sense of self importance. This is where so many people go wrong. In a manner of speaking, ‘they believe their own press’ and quite often, that press is prepared for them, as a matter of course, by sycophants and hangers on, who feed in the wake of the great and near great, as they bask and prosper in their temporary hours. It’s like a great rotating wheel of fortune. Your time comes and you get the spotlight and the audience, alternatively you get the power, privilege and gold. People want different things and eventually the get them, for awhile. Often ill prepared for it, they mishandle their blessings and wind up miserable.
There’s nothing wrong with being rich, famous, powerful and anything of like kind, so long as it is properly managed; so long as ones priorities and values are what they should be. Unfortunately, few of us are strong enough and detached enough, to resist the dark side of certain powers and possessions. They wind up getting possessed. It is far better never to have these things than to become one more of the victims in a long list of victims of these things.
It never fails to make me smile when I hear people say, “Well, if I had all that money, or fortune, or fame, I wouldn’t behave like that”. For some strange reason, most people do. There is tremendous force latent in the things that people covet and the power of the force increases as it gains a greater amount of any of it and then, for some reason, a violent passion arises that demands more and more. Once civilized individuals begin to behave like beasts, indifferent to the effects of their actions and indifferent to their effect on others. I’m reminded of that old saying, “be careful of what you wish for”.
The thing about Lady Fortune is that she is as fickle as they come. She’ll walk into the room on one person’s arm and then walk out on the arm of another. She’ll come into your life and turn it upside down and then walk out the door, never to return. When I see people in various stages of distress, I have to tell myself there is a reason. No one gets where they are for no reason. Everything we see in operation on this planet is the outworking of Karma and a lot of it has to do with the tenor and conditions of the times. This is one of the reasons that the bulk of the artists in every field are presently talentless frauds. This is why the very worst of us occupy the highest positions and also possess the vast majority of wealth. In terms of the Apocalypse, this is all set up for the purpose of demonstration. It is all about revealing, uncovering and spotlighting the various personalities for what they are. Things can change dramatically in the twinkling of an eye. Suddenly the whole world can change and nothing is what it was before.
I don’t know what’s waiting around the corner. I do know that whatever it is, it’s going to change our world and the way we see our world and the way we see each other.
People in great distress, very often had some part in creating the same for others. At a certain level, Karma is inflexible and inexorable, until realization arrives. We only suffer for so long as we do not see the origins and causes for why we suffer. As The Buddha said, “All life is pain, caused by ignorant desire”. We hear things like this but then we don’t extrapolate and follow the thought out into a useful awareness of the dynamic. If all life is pain, caused by ignorant desire then it behooves us to cease to be ignorant. It also serves not to desire anything (this is not entirely true or comprehensive but it is in context). The real benefit that comes with not desiring anything is that whatever is meant for you will show up regardless. Of course, I do not espouse the position of not desiring anything. I think we should very much desire certain things and that is the difference between ignorant and intelligent desires. The world promotes ignorant desires because those who manipulate them, make a great deal of profit off of making the objects of ignorant desire available. We’re being worked …because the wonderful alternatives are hidden from view. That doesn’t mean they’re not around. You have to look for them. “Seek and ye shall find”, “ask and it will be given to you”, knock and the door will be opened unto you”.
We live in an impatient and gladhanding period. People want things right away. If they don’t get them they get annoyed, pissed off and walk away. Too many people have a sense of entitlement and privilege. Things of true value are not handed out like samples in a department store. Those phrases would be more effective if they were phrased like this, “Seek deeply and sincerely, without respite and you will find”, “Ask sincerely and with certitude and it will be given unto you”, “Knock with determination and conviction and it will be opened unto you”. We’re supposed to think for ourselves. We’re supposed to follow up and elaborate on things. The idea comes from one place and the expression manifests through another vehicle. We are the hands of God. This is the tragedy of fundamentalism and why it is so oppressive; why it turns to inquisitions and witch-burning. There is no independence of thought, except… except on the part of the people interpreting it. Ah! Ah indeed! This is what happens when the priesthood gets corrupted and is no longer filled with the spirit but rather filled with something else.
You must question everything. You must prove it out to your working satisfaction. If you study the ancient mystery schools, you will see they are all about inquiry, especially self inquiry and the reason for that is because there is a universe within you. Just because you may have yet to experience it, does not disprove what has been stated by the wise in every age.
A person of spiritual consistency, when they discover something that works, they acquire and employ it. Others look for a way around it, thinking it’s too much work, or gets in the way of what they want. “But what if I don’t get what I want”? The irony is that you get everything your heart desires, once your heart desires the one thing that makes everything possible. Spirituality and the spiritual path are not just esoteric musings and the promise of a world beyond. They are also absolutely practical and applicable to life. A lot of people don’t get this. It’s kind of like a guy called visible, having no visible means of support (grin). When you serve the gospel, the gospel will cover your needs. It may be minimal for some long period of time. So what? Sooner or later the cornucopia materializes, right about the time you are able to handle it, finally.
What a lot of people don’t get is that the divine is waiting all the time, eager to assist you in every way in order to bring you home. The divine is engaged in looking for you at the same time you are also looking for the divine. Many of us do not trust God. There’s a certain fear that attends the relationship, given that the divine is both the rewarder and punisher. Mostly it’s about our guilt. We’re apprehensive because; “Lord, Lord we knows we done wrong”. The kicker is, as soon as the recognition dawns, forgiveness is pretty much a reflex on the part of the divine and then you also find out that good and evil are very much not like what you thought they were. If we knew the essential nature of things we would not be painfully sleepwalking through a world of delusion. Freedom is straight ahead and to both sides as well. Most people don’t want to be free. It’s too much responsibility. This is the same thing as their not wanting to know what’s actually going on with the government, the banks etc. You become responsible for what you know. Freedom is not for the timid.
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