Black Helicopters Seen Over Crop Circles


We are Umberto Morazzoni & Bibbi Boström, we have been into the AUM formation on 18th of the last July…when we reached the AUM formation we noticed an APACHE-like helicopter that was trying to land into the crop circle.. but when it realized that we were entering the formation it has gone up again.. after this, we entered the Crop and we found two people.. one was a tourists’ guide and the other an old American Astronaut.. ( claimed the guide )

The Guide was continuously speaking about the fact that the formation was surely fake.. it’s fake for this it’s non genuine and that .. and so on.. ( but the next morning on the Daily Xpress paper and some other newspapers, there was the news about the ultra genuineness of the formation cause 4 professional infrared cameras were installed at the four corners of the formation field.. and they were recording right the night the formation have been done.. in the video it’s possible to see just an interference, and then .. the formation was done.. this is the article…

After a couple of minutes the guide and the astronaut left the AUM Circle, and in a bounce of minutes two APACHE like helicopter came.. they were spinning on our heads, no more than 10-20 meters .. it was a bit scaring and I think that was their purpose.. ( I’m not new to Crop Circle and Black helicopters that try to scare their visitors ) Second I was there with my wife that’s actually pregnant so . .do you know what I mean ?

I thought that a walk into a lonely field in the middle England would not have been so dangerous.. it isn’t it ? The worst thing that could happen is a Bee’s bite ;))

Anyway there were this two black military helicopter buzzing on our head, but after some minute a third helicopter came..this one was different from the others.. it was like a Black Hawk , do you know !? the ones that can take on 20 or even 30 soldiers.. it started to spin upon us like the this point i was a bit scared .. they were there for me and Bibbi, I thought what the hell they want from us.. ? Probably the purpose was to discourage or demoralize the Crop visitors… but I didn’t know.. anyway the situation was unreal, quite like we were into a Vietnam movie.. that’s crazy in the Wiltshire because of his relaxing landscape..

At a given time the easy KOP-ters.. have been distracted by something that we didn’t see, but the foto camera of Bibbi did..have a look here, what do you think ?
( whatever could be that object I thanks it very much because they stopped to annoy us )..

After the object appeared in the scene they left us in peace and tried to follow or catch it, with very spectacular and strange maneuvers.. dizzy nosedives, 90° speedy veers and so on.. for a moment I really thought that someone was making a movie…

This is the footage about one of the Helicopters ( before the strange object in photo appeared ) of that afternoon..

ùHere some shots taken from the video and from another video not yet published:

A plea for Crop Circle visitors.. Don’t be afraid of this helicopters, they try to scare Crop Circles visitors but they can’t do anything but spinning on your head or letting you believe they will attack you but it’s not true !!

Anyway don’t provoke them by strange actions, I don’t know what they could be able to do, in those moments you can’t do a Drug- Alcohol test on the pilots of the helicopters.. so be anyway careful.. So don’t care at all, visit the circle and, if you like, do even yoga inside them.. relax and enjoy these spectacular new form of art of these times.. and remember that the hot spot is not the genuineness of the formation and it’s not relevant even if they have been from Humans or aliens, the only important thing is the SYMBOL that they represent or why someone does them.


Umberto & Bibbi.

For further information my private mail address is and my Skype account is Orgonizer ( Rho, Italy ).

P.S. Sorry for my English , I’m Italian, I hope you will understand what I’ve written..
For the video and the photo, use them as you prefer, I give you my consent to publish them or to put them
on DVD etc etc … just put beside a little credit note ( Umberto Morazzoni & Bibbi Boström )

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Intrigue in Crop Circle Country
The past few weeks have seen intriguing new developments in crop circle research. Word has only just reached us as this writer has been in the process of relocating to Scotland. Nonetheless, word is that crop researchers have uncovered some of their most significant findings to date and equally as telling has been the response of the authorities to their findings.

In the early hours of July 7, 2007, three crop circle researchers were watching over East Field in Pewsey Vale when they witnessed what could be turning point in paranormal research. Lying in the heart of crop circle country, the vale has seen a fair number of formations over the years – both faked and those which may not have been faked. But on July 7 a formation appeared that could have come straight from an episode of The X-Files.

Among the three eyewitnesses was Gary King. According to Gary:

“On a couple of occasions, I’ve had intuitions about crop circles like you would have before a phone is going to ring. I’ve had intuitions where I’ve gotten up in the morning and driven down to Wiltshire from my home in Wales and been lucky enough to walk into a fresh formation.”

On Friday, July 6, 2007, Gary woke up in his Wales home around 3:30 AM, watched the sunrise and on impulse decided to go to Wiltshire with his girlfriend, Paula, to see if any new crop formations had appeared.

Gary arrived in Wiltshire at midday and went to the Silent Circle Café, something of a gathering point for crop circle researchers, where someone mentioned the possibility of a crop formation in East Field, Pewsey Vale. So, with a sleeping bag borrowed from the café’s owner, Charles Mallet, he set off for a night’s vigil watching over the now famous field.

Together with UFO and Crop Circle Investigator, Winston Keech, the three settled down for the night on Knap Hill, overlooking East Field after having set up image-enhancing cameras. Nothing happened until shortly after 3.00 when the three report seeing a sudden flash, according to Gary: “almost like lightning” that “covered the whole land and was like a big camera flash going off everywhere”.

At around 3.20am looking through a light sensitive camera the three report seeing the formation, which became visible to the naked eye at around 3.45am.

Doug and Dave: