Darkness at Noon and the Light of the Dawn

Reflections in a Petri Dish — May 12, 2013

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You can find the evidence piecemeal all over the place, or you can find your cogent and precise synopsis right here. It should be clear to anyone paying attention, what is going on around us. The problem is a general lack of curiosity, bookended by a cognitive dissonance, that makes it difficult to comprehend the obvious, or which insures an unwillingness to want to. It should all make sense now but; what are you going to do about it? What is anyone going to do about it?
It’s not like the government has to abide by the constitution or any of the laws of the land that used to exist in one fashion or another. They pay no attention to any of this when they are harassing ordinary citizens so… they could quite easily swoop in and round up all of these creatures. They know who they are. They know where they are. Obviously they don’t want to.
I’ve maintained all along that Israel is nothing more than a sovereign state, created for the sole purpose of the performance of international crime, without the fear of repercussions. There is no difference between the Israeli government, the Rothschild banking syndicate and the Russian Mafia. One’s an employee, ones an operational sector and one’s a money machine, handling all ends of currency processing and creation.
From the cultural perspective, there are certain conditions you can see appearing and they are all indicators of the pending destruction of the culture. Of course, when things go off course, when things go very wrong, they stay wrong and they get more wrong. I liken it to stretching a rubber band. It stretches only so far and then it either breaks or snaps back into itself. This is what happens when cosmic readjustment takes place. Lao Tzu says something about stretching a bow too far and then repenting of the pull. He pretty much applies to anything you can run into and… we should remember, he eventually got on a water buffalo and rode off into the sunset, terminally discouraged about the state of human affairs.
Here is a glimpse into the future that gives some idea of what the great and innovative minds among us are up to. One needs to keep in mind that we only see the much smaller portion of those ideas and intentions that are on the drawing boards at this time. All kinds of insane shit is being draw up, dressed up and eventually packaged for consumption for the endless ranks of guinea pigs who inhabit this sphere.
Every day I wake up and am reminded of the sort of world I live in these days. I don’t actually live ‘in’ that world but I do live on the outskirts and am reminded of a conversation, that I think took place between Gandalf and one or more of the hobbits; “Alas through him the Enemy has learned that the One has been found again. He knows where Isildur fell. He knows where Gollum found his ring. He knows that it is a Great Ring, for it gave long life. He knows that it is not one of the Three, for they have never been lost, and they endure no evil. He knows that it is not one of the Seven, or the Nine, for they are accounted for. He knows that it is the One. And he has at last heard, I think, of _hobbits_ and the _Shire._ ‘The Shire – he may be seeking for it now, if he has not already found out where it lies. Indeed, Frodo, I fear that he may even think that the long- unnoticed name of _Baggins_ has become important.”
Without question, something has to be done about the international gangsters. The most effective thing would be for various governments to collaborate and send in an elite military force, to administer a little cease and desist. At the same time, the nations of the world should join together in a collective boycott of the state of Israel and all things Israeli. They should be rendered into a self contained pariah state. Really, it’s only a matter of time before they get around to wiping everyone else out, except for those they would want to keep as drones and slaves. This adventure is in progress at this very moment. You don’t want to see it? That makes little difference. It sees you.
The main nexus of evil has all sorts of corrupt little elves to do its bidding. Consider the picture of this fine specimen. If you’ve got some rudimentary understanding of Phrenology (we do), you might note various features of this clown. One is reminded of Animal Farm, as one gazes on the porcine visage of this public servant. These willing traitors, working in tandem with resident evil, are everywhere to be seen.. Invariably they work for the banks. Eventually certain conditions come down upon people without warning and they are left to their own devices, whether they survive the situation or not.
For myself, I believe, given my own experience of various things that have taken place in this life, that it’s all programmed and possessed of a selection of scenarios that outwork one way or another, depending on the actions and intents of the players. It’s like that old saying that ‘you bring the evil with you’ and that there is no evil except the evil that you carry. I don’t suppose that is exactly true. I think it is more like the evil that is within you, resonates with the evil external and that sets up a sort of dichotomy, where certain results are pretty much guaranteed to take place, due to the action of the one upon the other and whatever reactions might follow. It could also be a kind of gestalt, where you are at the mercy of the world that contains you, dependent on your perceptions of it. Gestalt might not usually be applied in this manner but my poetic license is still good till the end of the year so, take your complaints to the commission.
It brings it all home when you see the debonair, Tony Blair, in a comradely arm over the shoulder embrace with Jimmy Savile. It makes it quite clear when you consider that this fiend was in action for decades with no repercussions. He had to die before anything was made of it. Obviously, he was a high ranking member in the UK Satanic cabal. Only a fool goes about their business, uncaring of the sinister forces engaged in the environment. When you wonder why public servants do the odious, venal and anti-human things they do, you need to consider who is pulling their strings from the shadows and… as always, it comes down to, ‘follow the money’ and ‘cui bono’.
You’re left with two positions, two main positions from which to view everything that is taking place. You believe it is all random, survival of the fittest, Darwinian horseshit, about which you can do nothing, except look out for number one or… you believe the whole drama has been set up for the purpose of demonstration and is in fact, under control at all times …and moving inexorably toward the climax and conclusion. Climax and Conclusion are probably both the same thing, unless you’re some kind of romantic and believe in sensitive aftercare (grin). These days that kind of thing might wind up being time consuming and, as we all know, ‘time is money’, honey.
As we near the end of this posting and as we approach 2,000 postings, I have to devolve onward into the usual, hearty reassurances that somehow, inexplicably and by truly mysterious means, this is all for our own good and further edification. We don’t go through anything we don’t have to go through and we only go through things, in order to come to a realization about whatever it was that led us into any of it and what that portends for whatever course we find ourselves on afterwards.
If one opts for the nihilistic, no exit, existentialist viewpoint, or any of the other negative perspectives, one is left at the mercy of a seemingly mechanistic universe. If one otherwise embraces the concept that the Earth is a living organism, fully aware of our presence upon it and that all the forces of good are waiting by our side, to assist, protect and guide us …well, that’s a different architecture altogether. One might say that “we live in a world of our own creation” and our destiny is set accordingly. Which of these paths or perspectives is most attractive to you? Surely, the random, anything goes, moral relativism POV is very useful to the amoral dreams of the self involved. There you can justify anything. On the other hand, with the antithetical perspective, you have to change continuously to meet a higher standard. You have to lose pieces of what you formerly believed was yourself but which was only ballast and anchors in a world of illusion. You have to be willing to depart from the things that break your heart, even though it might feel like you are going in reverse most of the time.
It’s always been a solitary road for the true seeker. It might seem to be more populated at different points, as people come on to the path, only to drop off at some further point, or right around the corner, as the case may be. Very few people continue onward, regardless of their solitary status and the trials and tests that are part and parcel of this narrow, narrow track. It also follows that their companions and associations of any given moment, will also fall away, whenever circumstances and conditions become something undesirable for them. It takes a truly hardy soul to continue and also not take any of it personally. Of course, you might do, for a brief time …but eventually you resolve that hallucination and just let it go, along with everything else because, just like the sign says outside of the department store, “everything must go”. Yes, my friends, everything not intrinsic must go. Better to let it go, irrespective of the temporary agony …than to have it ripped from you, as it surely will be.
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