Mothers – Unsung Heroes

by Deborah Bohling — ( May 11, 2013

“What do you do all day?”
I used to cringe at that question. It was never asked in a kind, curious way. It was always asked with a sneer. Usually by people who lived in the world defined by the mantra “if I’m busier than you, I’m better than you” and who incorrectly assumed that my life was filled with leisurely strolls in the park, reading romance novels, and taking naps.
Unfortunately, as a young, stay-at-home mom, I had neither the quick wit, nor the confidence to respond to this question. Instead I internalized it and in doing so I gave it power.
I started to ask myself that question. What do I do all day? And if I couldn’t come up with a long enough list I would add more. So I joined things. I joined the PTA, and I became a room mother. I sat on the Little League board, organized fund raisers, chaired Vacation Bible School and even became a volunteer firefighter.  All of this in an effort to respond to that all important question.

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