Teddy Boy Herzl and the Lord of Chaos

Smoking Mirrors — May 11, 2013

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♫If I had a hammer♫ Well, I do have a hammer, metaphorically speaking and I guess that means I should ♫hammer in the morning, hammer in the evening, all over this land♫ It stands to reason, if you are going to hammer, you should hammer on those hammering on everyone else and that brings us around to the usual wrecking crew, promulgating havoc and discord; as per their service on behalf of The Lord of Chaos. I want to touch on something that I don’t think has been precisely tracked; A to B to C to D and such. I want to talk about that lame duck canard (pun intended), ‘antisemitism’.
Back in the day, when Teddy Boy Herzl came up with this catchphrase, no doubt, given the long running victim opera, being performed by The Chosen (reservoir), Some may have thought that it has to do with racist attitudes towards The Special. Here is my take. My belief is that it was part of a long term, cynical plan, where much of what followed (what since happened in the Mid East) was already blueprinted in the 19th century. Here’s the deal; the usurpers and land thieves, presently occupying Palestine knew that they had no claim on the land. I don’t think genetic testing was going on at the time but somehow they knew they were not Semitic but rather the offspring of AshkeNAZI reavers. Recent genetic testing has proven this out and also proven out that the Palestinians are Semitic and endemic to the land. Ergo, calling themselves Semitic began to establish this fantasy in the mind of the public. They’re very good at establishing fantasies and then perpetuating them as well. This helped them to legitimize their assumed right to what they called Israel.
It was with these things in mind that they then went about setting up incidents where they could cry, “antisemitism”! It was with this in mind that they started playing numbers games before and during the First World War. This is a long term plot and one of the most enduring conspiracies against humanity that has come around. They’re also engaged in that other longest standing conspiracy against humanity; control of the money supply and thereby being in a position to engineer wars for profit. This is what you’re dealing with, or not dealing with. As I write these words, battalions of lawyers are diligently working to pervert the laws of the law in their favor and to your detriment.
Considering the wide scope of it all across time, can tend to make one depressed if one has no concept of a pending resolution. However, this is all a movie and it’s got a script, a plot, a beginning, a middle and an end. No one has ever accurately predicted all of the elements of the movie ahead of time. This is one of those mysterious laws of the cosmos, which implies that one cannot know what has not yet been. One often doesn’t accurately know what has already been. The reason no one can accurately predict what has not yet been is because… ‘the wheel’s still in spin’. The future is not fixed. Certain things are predetermined but… not everything and the only place you will see the future is in the present, should you happen to reside there. A lot of people don’t.
This brings me to a consideration of Clif High’s last two Wujos, which I listened to yesterday. He speaks of an event, which the web bots have been tossing up into view and which is likely to take place sometime between say, May 17th and June 1. I have given this latitude of time because things like this are almost never precise. Clif mentions May 20th but it could be to either side of that and I’m sure he concurs in that regard. There’s a lot of info that has Washington D.C. under water and that brings me to my own perspective, which I don’t talk much about but have occasionally mentioned. I think it’s going to be Lady Nature who levels the playing field and also takes care of The Satanists already mentioned in this posting.
I have no idea if such an event will happen within those coordinates. I don’t have access to Clif’s intel. He mentions remote viewers from Hawaii and how they match up with what he has to say.
Sometime in the near future. there is going to be a global protest against Monsanto that will occur in 36 different countries. People are finally getting fed up. What does it all mean? How do you interpret it? That’s an individual choice. It’s the same thing as how we interpret our lives, how we choose our friends and our enemies as well. A lot of these things depend on what we are willing to compromise about; how much bend is in us. A lot of it has to do with what we are willing to say and unwilling to say. A great many people measure the costs of their words against the importance of their lifestyle, their position and their possessions and this brings me to the basis for what we are all going through to some degree or another. It is the same thing that makes it possible for the nogoodnicks to prosper and proliferate in these times. That thing is Materialism; material culture. What materialism does is to blind you to that which is not material. What it does is to set your values for you and all of your values are dependent upon what is required to get you what you need and want from material culture..
Materialism is the celebration of individual and collective selfishness. It is also the ultimate soil for the growth and flowering of lies. Lies are the life’s blood of materialism. Material culture is the wellspring of fear and uncertainty. It puts the majority of the population in harness and under duress, as well as making them malleable for manipulation. Sometimes this comes out of ignorance and other times it comes out of fear but… come it does. Clear thinkers and those who love freedom enough to sacrifice and suffer in order to retain possession of it, automatically become outlaws. There is no way that a truly honest person, who also possesses the courage of their convictions, can successfully integrate into a repressive culture that exists to serve the wants, needs and appetites of a minority, at the expense of the majority.
What all of this means is that one must, perforce, submit or resist. As for the resistance side of it, there are all kinds and levels of resistance. Some of them are quiet and reserved and some are loud and demanding. It’s a matter of personal temperament and also a matter of how far one has already been pushed. There are all kinds of arguments about how one must bend with the prevailing winds, give in to authority; much of this comes from religion, so it tells you where religion is at. It definitely comes out of the strictures of society, so that tells you where society is at, once material culture has gotten it’s hooks into it.
Everyone wants somewhere to live, food to eat, something to do, something to aspire to, someone to love. This does not pro forma define these basic drives as materialism. Ir’s more subtle than that and has to do with attachment. Attachment has the capacity to make us behave in uncivilized ways. I use the words ‘civilized’ and uncivilized’ in the way that I interpret them. A civilized person doesn’t simply go to war because someone told them to, or wove transparent lies that the ignorant find plausible. An attached person will do this because they are afraid they will lose what they are attached to. There’s always that fear at the basis of the motivation that causes us to do things we would not naturally do, if it weren’t for that fear.
These days, fear is a growth industry. People are afraid of numerous thing. Fear has some number of handmaidens in attendance wherever it goes; doubt, distrust, suspicion, resentment and really, a Whitman’s Sampler collection of negative, unattractive emotions and states of mind. Once you go down the road into materialism, it cannot end well. It’s a giant sucking machine and it puts a terrible pressure on those who want no part of it, simply as a result of the rip tides, undertows and other currents that impact on all of us, just because the majority are neck deep in glittering shit.
It’s not easy. Maybe it’s not even possible to have a productive and enlightened conversation with a materialist anymore than you can have one with a socialist or communist. The same applies to religious fundamentalists. These and the legion of various fanatics that flood our ranks these days are not open to reason or intelligent debate. They are committed to whatever doctrines have been injected into their minds, like some kind of horrible and irreversible vaccination. All of these twisted perspectives come out of materialism. They are each, mental perversions twisted into another shape. The fact is that essence, the ineffable, is incomprehensible and always will be. If you think you know, you don’t know. If you know that you don’t know, you probably do know, after a certain fashion, to a certain degree. There’s something of a mystery to this and it has not and never will be comprehensibly explained by anyone …because it lies beyond the limitations of words.
Is there going to be a massive, earthshaking change of an event in the next ten days, two weeks, three weeks? I don’t know. I do know that when the majority of the population is immersed in material culture that cataclysms are a given and it’s not ‘if’, it’s ‘when’. I know that when humanity has hit an impasse of ignorance and appetite and is trapped in a bottleneck of bullshit that… change will be visited upon them Will Washington D.C. get hit by some kind of mammoth tidal wave? Good God, if only. If only Nature would only open the Earth and swallow D.C. And Israel too. We might well see a golden age come quickly into manifestation. One thing I am pretty sure of and wish I were not, is that a large number of people are in imminent danger of being recycled by one thing or another. What it finally turns out to be, we shall see in due course.
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