Half of US Foster Care Children are Drugged

Ciara Jackson — henrymakow.com May 10, 2013

A Voice Silenced”

Child Protective Services in the US is a Federal Agency. Each state has a branch of their own. In Colorado, its called Department of Human Services and pretends to help children, but almost every department has become corrupt.
Being a child in DHS, I became a ward of the state, once my mother had her rights relinquished. My family didn’t fight to get me out. My grandma did.
When she saw what the system was doing to me, she began to give me money to run away to her house. She rather me run away to her house, then be out somewhere and have no clue where I was. When I got to her house, she would tell my case manager from the Department of Human Services that I was with her.  I was not a fugitive.  Give me a few days and then come and get me. My case manager did what she could.
It got so bad where I was. I was in places where they would drug the children. More than half of the children are medicated to control the child. I was personally diagnosed  Bipolar/ not otherwise specified. At the time I was diagnosed, I had been abandoned by my parents not once but three times, I was going through puberty and no one wanted me.  It’s natural for a normal child to act out when becoming a teenager. It happens all the time. Now imagine that plus being giving up by your family. You can understand why I acted out.

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