The Dog in the Manger and Other Dark Backwards

Visible Origami — May 10, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
I had thought not to write a posting today; (this was two days ago) working on my book came to a dead halt, although there are now only a couple of chapters to go so… eventually, eventually. I’m rearranging and spiffing up my workroom. Sometimes that makes a difference. I’m adding in former practices that had fallen by the wayside. Sometimes that makes a difference. I’ve been sitting and thinking, thinking about all kinds of things. Sometimes that makes a difference.
I find myself astonished, to see before my eyes, the things that are happening. When I say, “before my eyes”, I mean via the internet. I don’t see any indication of these things when I walk down the street, in the small European town where I live, for the moment. Life goes on here the way it has always gone on. It is the singularly most boring town I have ever spent any time in and I believe I was put here for that very reason, so that I would internalize or. …something; also to take care of my mother in law because it’s the right thing to do. A great many things have changed since I came here.
In 1999, I was managing a small resort in the jungle on Maui and playing in some clubs a few afternoons and nights a week. At some point I saw George W. Bush on the campaign trail. The immediate reaction I had was, “Uh oh, here comes trouble”. I was so affected by the aura of menace, the darkness that attended his wake, that I quickly went to the internet to see who was giving him money. That was also attended by an ominous sensation. Instinctively, I knew that the world was never going to be the same again, once that thug got into office.
I had been saying that I was going to Europe to play and to live, in the previous months. I was now able to connect to the reasons for why I was leaving. I knew I wanted no part of an America, Satanically hijacked by George W. Bush and company. So I left. Things didn’t turn out here, in any way like the fashion I expected things to turn out in. I made many an effort in my time here but none of them were truly fruitful. I suppose it could be said that the blogs are fruitful and certain things that attend their presentation have received a certain amount of exposure. Things are so ephemeral (not the right word) on the internet. Things are at a distance on the internet, while at the same time, having residence in our hearts and minds. Things are often not what they seem on the internet, sometimes more than they seem and sometimes less than they seem. I’ve been cultivated in a state of detachment, while being deeply connected to something, as well as to the readers who come and go. ?You come and go, you come and go. Karma- Karma- Karma- Karmeleon?
A reader said something the other day, in that post when I was talking about 2012 and the eagerly anticipated transition that was supposed to come around, in varying degrees of intensity for some of us and not at all for those indifferent to it. He said something like, “C’,mon Vis, you can feel something happened, can’t you”? I said, something like, “actually, no, I can’t”. Well, that’s not true. I can feel a great many things but they are not easily interpreted. They are sometimes spooky, ghostly, indefinite, possessed of intense pressures, without any directional indicators. I’ve come to see my life as a motion play of putting one foot in front of the other, not knowing what to expect, going places that it was not my idea to go, or that may have seemed like a good idea at the time and turned out to be a very bad idea (grin).
I’m thinking about all of these things and also things that took place much earlier. I think about the various lifetimes I have lived and… they have been lifetimes,. On occasion, a single acid trip, could constitute a lifetime. Very often it seemed like my lifetime, my real lifetime, was somewhere up ahead. It still seems that way but, ‘up ahead’ is beginning to look more and more like the invisible. Of course, these days people can live a long time. I might have nearly a 3rd of my life left. Given my lifestyle though, that might be questionable (grin). Then again, that’s subject to change as well. Everything is subject to change. That is the one constant we can all rely on though; relying on change, doesn’t have a stable and predictable ring to it; does it? Then again, that might just work for me. I am seldom accused of being stable or predictable.
So… I’ve been thinking about how truly incredible; unpleasantly incredible, recent events in the world have been. I’ve known for a long time that politicians, religious leaders, bankers, lawyers and sundry are very often corrupt and that that is the rule, with very few exceptions. I’ve known that most judges are corrupt and a good portion of law enforcement as well, although I’ve met good cops, even a fair judge or two. Still, I never imagined the level of depravity that so many temporarily important people could stoop to. Factor this in with the weather and the uncertainty of the day to day and you’ve got a recipe for poor motivation (grin).
I remember a quote which I haven’t heard in a long time, “These are the times that try men’s souls”. I guess that statement is a bit sexist. It came from back in the day when this was the mindset. Now, with political correctness run amok, conditions are much worse than they were. Literally, black is the new white, up is the new down, in is the new out, everything is upside down and backwards. The laggard, entropic suck of the abdominal brain, over powering the intellect, reason and all kinds of things we don’t see that much of anymore, is effectively drawing the mass mind into The Dark Backwards. Lame is the new hip. Dumb and stupid are the new genius and superficial and trivial, are the new deep and profound. No one can convincingly argue against this. Unfortunately, for the moment, this is how it is. Unfortunately, it’s been like this for awhile and… even more unfortunately, it has been getting worse.
It’s bad enough here, given the depressing, closed mind consciousness that I witness. It is far worse in the U.S., which I do not witness. However, it is much, much worse in places like Iraq, Syria and related companion zones, where The Great Zionist Satan, whips up the terrible, blood magic sacrifices, demanded by the running beasts of the pit, in exchange for their services. It’s a bad business all around.
What do we do, caught as we are in the mix of it; so many of us lacking the twin pillars of detachment and compassion, along with that certitude, which guarantees some amount of equanimity, moving through the quagmire and quicksand of these times? A lot of us believe in nothing and count the rest of us fools for believing in something we cannot see (even though we can see the effects, if not the cause). In many cases that appellation applies, in respect of the epidemic fundamentalism that counterpoints the state we find ourselves in today. There is a painful irony, which is resident in the relationship between, on the one hand, time speeding up and… on the other hand, events and conditions dragging on with no end in sight.
There is a lot of creativity and imagination going on. There are possibilities for shelter (scroll down a bit to the video) that are matched by all kinds of innovative and newly discovered ways of sustaining ourselves through aquaponics, permaculture and social schematics that take into consideration what is good and noble in us all …and which grants us opportunities in living that can give us “paradise enow”, if we would only avail ourselves of them. There are people doing these things at some remove from the horrific blight of the circle-jerking doomed; one place you most definitely do not want to be in coming times is an urban setting.
I come here today to attempt to revitalize some hackneyed phrases that we may have grown tired of already, years ago. “Keep the faith”, “endure”. I’ve dropped in to say that we should all substantially invest in ‘the substance of things unseen’, as well as in each other. It’s a rum go, having to look around for companions and encountering nothing but legions of dunderheads, cowards, appetite junkies and cynical faith-killers, who are emblematic of ‘the dog in the manger’. The dog in the manger, is a dog that waits outside the dry barn. It’s raining. He’s not going in there but he isn’t going to let you go in there either.
I mostly only know what I am going through, along with what I hear from the readers through comments. The more telling evidence comes to me through emails. So… I’ve got some idea of the general consciousness, of those still in possession of an operative consciousness, as we apart- but collectively- go through the moments, hours and days of our passage. It seems to me that I was more confident, lighter and more industrious a few years ago. Things that have happened to me and not happened to me have taken their toll. I can still sincerely say though, that not a day goes by when there are not multiple occasions of my seeking to comprehend and understand. Not a day goes by when I am not prepared to release every dark memory, every failure and blockage, that tries to hinder me in my pursuit of what I KNOW to present, although it can be very difficult to see.
I realize now that I have been contending in many ways where I did not need to, or where it was counter-effective and counter-intuitive. Just recently I have come to be aware of a face behind my own face and a consciousness within my own consciousness …and that all I have to do is be aware of it and then a natural attractive vibration, immediately brings me into sync with it. This sync deepens and gains an ever greater connectivity the more I keep my focus on it. By Jove! It’s working (grin)! I recognize now that all of whatever I have formerly been dimly aware of, is responsible for my every motivation to continue and also responsible for my continuing sense of optimism, when there was no apparent reason for me to be in possession of any optimism. Of course, I’ve been aware of this face within a face and awareness within an awareness for awhile but I did not register various things which would have made it possible for me to gain all of the benefits that have just been standing there, unused and not accessed for some time. What this tells me is that it wasn’t time for me to catch on but now it is time. What that also tells me is that there is ever so much more that lies beyond my successful processing of this awareness. One thing I am definitely going to do from now on is… take my own advice (grin); running a little long, so… stopping here. I’ll be in the comments section if you need anything.
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