Kaminski Gets Booted Off Another Network

John Kaminski — Rebel News May 10, 2013


Candor and forthrightness about the perils and perversions of Jewish influence on society are not exactly welcomed throughout most of the worldwide media spectrum, both mainstream and alternative.
In fact, the subject is so taboo that virtually all Internet websites that insist they are government critics and major players in the opposition self-censor themselves on the use of the kosher word and dupe a majority of their listeners and subscribers into believing that they are genuine members of the opposition, when by their exclusion of the word “Jew” in relation to virtually all news stories, they prove they are not.
The latest act of coercive kosher censorship happened last Saturday when the Internet radio provider Talkstreamlive informed popular radio host Dennis Fetcho that his services would no longer be needed, after only one appearance on that network.
The Fetch’s guest on that show was, of course, yours truly.

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John Kaminski is a writer who lives in the Gulf Coast of Florida (pelicans are back, eating merrily) whose essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world.