Gay Adoption Results in Chaos & Suffering

Jack S. — May 9, 2013

Helping to further the LGTB agenda: Elton John, partner and adopted children. Click to enlarge

Before the laws on gay discrimination, there were many adoption agencies operating across the United Kingdom. These charities, many of them Catholic, used to handle more than half of all the adoptions in the UK. They were more successful than the local authorities in finding adoptive families that “worked” because they took more time to vet the prospective parents and because, unlike state officials, really had the welfare of the children at heart.

None of these societies ever had a policy of “anyone can adopt”. They placed children only with legally married couples and took many other factors into account  – whether the parents were physically healthy, whether they had any history of crime or mental illness in their family, whether they had a regular job and so on. References and recommendations had to be obtained, records scrutinized. In some cases, these charities had been operating for hundreds of years.
Then along came the LGBT fanatics and demanded to adopt. They claimed that this was somehow their “right”. When the adoption societies replied that they believed it was in the best interests of the children to be placed in a home where there is a mother AND and father, the aggressive homosexuals went to court and claimed “discrimination”.
All these religious adoption societies one by one have been forced to close down. It started in 2005, under the Labour government that brought in the law, and the last one is closing this year.

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