55 dead in Syria? Make that tens of thousands

Jim Stone — via The Rebel.org May 9, 2013

As I predicted, the elite establishment is lying about the number of dead in Syria. For the record: Russia, within an hour of the blast, had a dead reporter and the surviving reporters specifically stated they counted over 300 dead in the first hour. If anyone knows about death toll numbers, they go UP after the first hour, in Japan they initially said 300 confirmed dead. Then Syria reported the complete loss of 2 entire military divisions, and the Aleppo airport to three huge blasts “of a weapons type they had not witnessed before”. So the real death count (could) be in the tens of thousands, and Syria might not even have a real military left.

Unofficial damage report (got out during initial chatter) – 2 entire military divisions and a key airport.

Here is the video the above captures were taken from.

As you can HEAR, the blast was 3.8 KM away and behind a mountain, and it still got FAR brighter than the sun from horizon to horizon and even in the shadows on the ground. The blast totally clipped ALL CAMERA SENSOR SITES TO WHITE, EVEN ON THE GROUND, A CLASSIC NUCLEAR BLAST.
Ah, but the shills are in overdrive, calling this a MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air Blast). Don´t be a DUFUS by believing them. WHY do all the “expert opinions” omit the moment of criticality frames and show the blast only after it has almost totally faded to black? Because that is what a moab would really look like, FADED ALMOST TO BLACK, compared to a nuke. They are not going to try to make their cases with any frames that instantly vet their lies.
Farganne sent me a couple of messages which amounted to a question and answer – “Why are Russia and Syria silent about the nuking?” Answer: Nuclear Blackmail
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