Blood Ticks, Lampreys and the Running of the Beasts

Reflections in a Petri Dish — May 7, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Upwind of the darkness is a good place to be. This makes for some interesting philosophical speculation, given that the darkness is coming from upwind, though, keeping in mind, if you are downwind, then you are in the path of approaching darkness but… being upwind of the darkness, does that put you in league with it? Then again, if you are upwind of the darkness,does that mean you are the source of it downwind? My presumed, ‘informed view’, is that the darkness comes from within, so… it might be that the darkness is all down wind from you, wherever you are standing, if you have darkness within. Just about anywhere, you are downwind of Israel these days.
Today is supposed to be the big DDOS attack day. As is the case with me, more and more these days, I’m in favor of any and all blows against the empire. Anything that frustrates the plans for world domination by the Zionists or Satanists (same people) is okay with me. One has to understand that you are dealing with life forms of the order of ticks, lampreys and vampire bats. The nature of a tick is to suck the blood out of the host body, until it literally cannot hold anymore blood and then, apparently, glutted and bloated, it falls to the ground. This is not the only subtraction a tick, or Central Banker, or Zionist psychopath makes to the whole of your well being. Some amount of them also carry diseases that they inject into the host body; not content with draining away a portion of your life force, they also seek to sicken and kill you. These are lovely creatures, are they not? These are the kinds of creatures that compose the majority of Israelis, all Zionists, all central bankers, most politicians, media owners, media figures and representatives from many areas of industry.
To see the clarity of the culpability, you only need to watch this. It says it all. It is irrefutable and it tells you the nature and intentions of the beasts. The beasts have a long range game plan. The result of this, the end game, is you in a concentration camp, dead, or worse than dead. They put Bush in office for the purpose of 9/11. They put Obama in office for the foundation of a police state and war around the globe. This tells you all you need to know about Uncle Tom Obama, the Stepin Fetchit president and how he got into the White House in the first place. This tells you about the hubris and arrogance of the crocodile swine, who have seen that the necessary laws were in place for these vermin to prosper at your expense. This tells you all you need to know about their management of the information, as they go about their vile and predatory activities. This tells you about their intention to kill off the larger number of you who, for the most part, are too stupid to live in any case.
Recently, Howdy Doody, Obama went to some college to caution students about listening to conspiracy theories, or, as I like to call it, ‘the truth about current and recent events’. He made a curious statement about some who are attempting to ‘gum up the works’. This statement can be interpreted in various ways. The way I choose to interpret it is that it is a reference to some who are working in government and related areas, who are doing things that are messing with the system and it brings me to a suggestion for all of you working in sensitive locations and who are in a position to strike a blow for freedom. There are all kinds of exceptional mistakes you can make that retard the efforts of these blood soaked clowns from the Circus of Hades. If enough people start to make creative mistakes, the system won’t function. It also won’t function if a good portion of the workers simply step away from their jobs and consoles; walk out of their cubicles, or just do their jobs wrong.
A covert war is being waged against whistle-blowers and the time has come for a Whistle-blower web page. We need a well publicized location, where everyone who knows anything can come and present their evidence, anonymously or otherwise. I will be glad to host such things here and also to see that they are distributed to larger sites where they will reach a larger audience.
The crocodile swine are powerful ‘in appearance’ at the moment, due to the contemporary power of materialism. It isn’t because they are smarter, or more hard working. It is because their insatiable appetites and drive for acquisition, is so much greater than anyone elses AND they are devoid of conscience. They have no moral inhibitors upon what they will do to achieve their ends. This also links them up to the demonic mind, via the relentless performance of evil behaviors, blood sacrifices and… whatever it takes to get what they want.
Nature has been pretty quiet lately but that is going to end soon because evil cannot be allowed to prosper indefinitely. It goes against the natural order of things. These kinds of nasty doings never achieve their final goals. They always fall short, due to mysterious forces that they are not aware of, or indifferent to. They believe their own bullshit in other words.
Many people wonder these days what they should do. Should they go proactive? Should they go away? Should they huddle down and wait for the storm of shrieking wraiths to fly by overhead? Should they howl their bootless cries against deaf Heaven? Well… it’s not that Heaven is deaf, it’s more the outcome of one’s approach and the level of one’s certitude. The rarefied realms are not a Disney construct based on fairy tales and natively disposed to the fulfillment of general self interest. That is an area that is handled by the other side which, these days, is often mistaken for it’s opposite number.
One can have a firmer grip on their optimism, as well as a more harmonic passage, when they viscerally accept that ‘everything is under control’ and taking place ‘for the purposes of demonstration’. This can be difficult for those lacking the vision to persevere, when uniformed law enforcement thugs are shooting unarmed civilians right and left in the land of the stupid and the home of the slave.
Huge mega-churches, similar to Chicago and Kansas City stockyards, are thriving across the landscape. These are massive centers of propaganda, where the preachers and administrative heads, answer directly to their Israeli and Zionist masters. Just as the borderline intellects of the Great American Schmoo Brigade, believe all of the lying garbage they hear on the Zionist media, they believe all of the crap their religious leaders feed them. They are fools and unless they cease being fools, they will get a fool’s reward.
If you are attached to and dependent on the machine, the machine owns you. It owns your fear and your loyalty and even though the intention of the machine is to bankrupt you, kill you and make you homeless, if you remain alive, you are still more willing to give fealty to the machine, rather than to your own liberty of thought and action. So long as your appetites and self interest hold the upper hand in your motivational core, you will be rewarded accordingly.
I think that’s enough for the moment.
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