Circumcision is Mother/Child Trauma Brainwashing

by Molecule — ( May 6, 2013

In his letter, [slave holder] Willie Lynch describes [the use of torture], by which slaveholders could “freeze” the hearts of the otherwise strong and caring mothers of future African slaves.
When she becomes a mother, each female experiences a DEEP intuitive desire to nurse and protect her young.  This is a deep and structural kind of “bodily knowledge.” It may even run deeper than her desire for survival.  This characteristic protective desire of the feminine principle is one of the most powerful forces in nature.  The Illuminati and their forces of darkness have been unable to eradicate it, even after 350 million years of evolution.
The Willie Lynch’s of the world are ceaselessly searching for new technologies of oppression.  They know that if a mother’s evolutionary knowledge and deep sense of duty to protect can be somehow perverted, say by ritualistic brutal and violent humiliation, then this powerful force of nature can be “frozen out” and the process of evolution itself can be diverted for the benefit of the slave holder.

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