Wverp! Whooph! Kerplash! The Shit has Hit the Fan

Smoking Mirrors — May 6, 2013

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Whoa, is it Smoking Mirrors zeit again? I’ve spent the last few years watching the borders of reality move further and further ‘out there‘. My personnel opinion on most of whatever goes on, is best expressed here. Well, my true and loyal friends (you’ve made me feel really good lately and when it was much needed), it appears that the shit is hitting the fan. Wverp! Whomp! Kerplash and splatter. Naturally it is all being engineered by those worshipers of the stool sculpture deity. In order for them to keep their stranglehold on the minds of those who have no minds, they need to toss several very large barrels of women and small children, into the mouth of the flaming shit dumpster they serve. The fiend they serve requires blood and pain, to provide them what they require and they are good to go with making that available. I’m sorry for going all sensitive and delicate at the moment but I broke a nail about an hour ago and my live in manicurist has gone to Ibiza for the fortnight. So, if I’m a little hissy, I hope you understand.
Certain things start happening toward the end of the ballgame, in fact, if you do the research you will find that there is generally any number of the same things that happen any time we get to that deliquescent, apocalypse moment we are at now; suicides, death cults, sexual aberrations as the norm, cannibalism, child sacrifice, rampant corruption on all fronts. The very worst of us elevated to the highest prominences of power and the best of us, marginalized, censured, slandered and exiled wherever that may be.
It’s not all bad news coming out of the highlands and hinterlands, though this video is a little long, it is riveting and the personality of the lady and her eye-work are a tad spellbinding as well. It seems like most places and especially the West and Southwest, have some amount of awakening taking place. I’m starting to think that the reason it was so retarded for so long, had to do with the slow pace of acceleration, into all of the things we expected to happen so much earlier. Now that these things are speeding up, the awakening is speeding up. I believe I have also discovered why it seemed to be taking too long. It came into my mind about how, for some time, our days have been shorter and moved faster than we were formerly used to. Someone once told me that although our clocks still made their usual rotations through the hours, it now only took a little over 16 hours to make the 24 hour circuit. We seemed to be having 24 hours but it was only taking something over 16 to get there. That would mean, if it were true, that whatever we were expecting at the end of 2012, would have, logically, not happened until whatever times it would have been had we had 24 hours, instead of the incremental decrease we did get. This may not be accurate but it’s all I got.
We’re finding out that nearly every organization is hypocritical and corrupt. I knew there was a reason I never liked this group. I’ve never found what I suspected to be true, was true, about any of these groups, after I later found out there was something true about my suspicions. That may be one of the worst sentences I’ve ever written but you need those now and again, for comic relief and to break up the monotony of my saying the same things over and over. It stands to reason when something is corrupt, it is also rotten, like the pillars of a raised house, or any structure that no longer has the integrity to hold the weight of its being into the air. It must collapse. This is simple physics, applied to things we do not usually apply it to.
Because we do not apply simple principles to everyday things, we become confused about their longevity and capacity to endure at our expense, which is what they do, endure and feed upon; us. This relates also to political trends of thought and operation, to the law and those who enforce and wield it. It applies to religions that have become toxic, because, having lost all of their luminescence, quite a long time ago, they have fallen into the last bastion of operational bullshit, which is fundamentalism, upheld by dogma and cant. There is no longer a connection between the higher sensitivities and sensibilities of the founding author and the daily practices of the faith. It becomes just another arm of the ruling elite, whose intent is to milk the public dry and to herd them into enslavement and ignominious death. You get what you pay for and when you have to pay for the priceless, that is not what you get. You get a cheap and sometimes not so cheap and ineffective facsimile. You get the Andy Warhol version. You get garbage masquerading as art. You get sham masquerading as truth. You get a whore in fairy tale dress. You get a prince who is not into princesses. You get knights with no comprehension of what makes a knight. You enter the time of bogus and gratuitous titles, bestowed on pretentious and bombastic fools. You get what we got. You get what we got.
In vestment Watch can now officially be added to the list of Disinfo sites, as per this article here. There’s no other way to read the article really. Here we get outrageous excuses for what Israel has done in Syria. Personally, ANY action taken to bring down these bloodthirsty fiends is justified. They have already done enough through the decades to warrant ANY response, no matter what it is. If you got 4 hours, you will find this to be insightful and compelling. I can’t speak to the truth of any of it of course, for obvious reasons. Since I am not a student of Chinese Algebra, I cannot speak to the veracity of what is contained herein. No doubt there are more informed scholars out there who might have a better idea of what’s what. I guess all I know is that no one would ever make anything illegal or against the law unless it actually was, would they (N-N W-W)? How could anyone think that everything we’ve heard about the world wars, wasn’t one hundred percent true? Of course, history is written by the victors but… they wouldn’t have been the victors if they weren’t right would they?
Obviously, the Israelis have every right to commit the most insane outrages on anyone and everyone …because they stole that land they are on fairly and honestly. It stands to reason that poisoning the Palestinian wells, butchering whole families and driving all of the legitimate residents into exile, was unavoidable. How else could they have occupied the land, if there were still people there, getting in the way of the people in search of a land with no people? Besides, if being a murderer and a thief is written into your DNA, why should you be expected to behave as anything else? When you have the soul of a pornographer and worship The Devil, what else should you be employed at and where else should you go to church? When you are genetically programmed as a mercenary usurer, what is more natural than for you to establish and operate the Central Banks, for the purpose of enslaving and destroying nations? It makes perfect, logical sense. Think about it. When you are inherently evil, it stands to reason that evil is the expected and ordained behavior that one should anticipate and even celebrate. Hey! There’s evil, going about its business. Cool!
There will be no peace or justice on this Earth so long as there is an Israel and there is not a Palestine. Palestine is the name of all that area now called Israel. There is no Israel. There is only an abomination upon the face of the land, a foul plague of carnivorous dung beetles, who have stolen everything they possibly could and whose intention is to kill and enslave everyone on Earth that is not them. They are the ancient and enduring enemy of humanity and all that is natural and humane. They are the darkest of evil’s incarnate. If you believe anything else you are a dupe and a fool. There is no other title you can wear, except for traitor and collaborator . Sure, there are other nasty terms that can be used and which apply but who has the days and weeks it would take to list them all?
I want to revisit what I said about rotten foundations, both metaphorical and literal, while we are suffering under the lashes and hobnailed boots of the world’s oldest cabal of Nazi’s, as they make their long awaited putsch, to transform the world into a flaming inferno and to fail at it, as all who have ever attempted it have also failed. We can only hope they fail sooner rather than later and that when they do fail, they fail in a most spectacular and convincing way …that leaves none of them in a position to ever attempt such heinous behavior again.
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Since I made about 50 errors in the post, when I put it up the first time, you might want to read it again. Don’t know how that happened but it did. It’s fixed now, except for possibly the 50 more I didn’t see while I was fixing what I saw (grin).

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