Attack was a ‘declaration of war’ by Israel

News Brief — May 5, 2013

A Syrian official has described the Israeli attacks near Damascus as a “declaration of war”.
Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al Mekdad told CNN that the attack represented an alliance between Islamic terrorists and Israel.
Syria would retaliate in due course, he said.

A Syrian foreign ministry statement later said that a total of three military sites had been hit – a research centre at Jamraya, a paragliding airport in the al-Dimas area of Damascus and a site in Maysaloun.
“The flagrant Israeli attack on armed forces sites in Syria underlines the co-ordination between ‘Israel’, terrorist groups and… the al-Nusra Front,” the statement said, referring to al-Qaeda militants fighting with the rebels.
Early Sunday morning, a series of massive explosions illuminated the predawn sky in the Damascus suburb of Jamraya, as Israeli rockets struck a military research facility, Syrian state-run TV reported.
The report claimed that the attack on the facility aided foreign backed insurgents, who have been battling government forces in the region.
The Israeli military would not confirm nor deny the Syrian TV report.
“We do not comment on these reports at all,” an Israeli military spokesperson said.
However, a senior Israeli official later confirmed that an Israeli air strike was carried out near Damascus Airport overnight, targeting Iranian missiles destined for Lebanon’s Shiite Hezbollah movement.
“The attack was very close to the airport, the target was Iranian missiles which were destined for Hezbollah,” he said.
Meanwhile, Iran’s Fars News cited a Russian news correspondent as reporting that Depleted Uranium munitions had been used in the attack.
Used extensively in Desert Storm and the subsequent invasion of Iraq by Coalition forces, the low-level radiation used in the hardened armouring piercing munitions has been linked to dramatic rises in birth defects and cancers where ever Depleted Uranium has been used extensively, such as Fallujah.
Although the use of DU is still unconfirmed, Israel’s involvement in the Syrian crisis could lead to a potentially catastrophic escalation in the conflict.
As summer approaches, some Israeli military analysts are already warning of a widening conflict in Syria.
The summer of 2013 could yet turn into a long, hot and very bloody affair.

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