Most of worlds central banks belong to Rothschilds and closely allied families through holding companies.

Dick Eastman — The May 5, 2013

Quantitative Easing around the world  is central banks buying the world’s assets (equities) and debt  — or rather, it is Rothschild buying the worlds securities (debt and equity) from their agents (the speculators).  The speculator agents are paid by the central banks with “thin-air” money (central banks are unregulated in their power to create such money through open market transactions with the special dealers – acting on behalf of the top speculator agents — who transact on the second floor of the New York Federal Reserve Bank — both sides of the transaction working for the same interests.  It is a “price fixing” arrangement, in fact a “fencing” arrangement.  At any rate, the speculator dealers who sell the equities to Rothschild at the NY Fed Res Bank take their money and use it to buy up more land and assets from national economies selling in distress.  The QE money is put in their hands so that they can buy up assets as they go on the market after businesses, individual’s and governments go bankrupt in the super deflation that has been arranged.
Why is the US stock market rising?  It is because the middle-class has sold its stock in the past manipulated (deflationary) downturn — the Money Power (Rothschild speculator agents) buying that stock on the low.  (Remember the 1929 crash was deliberately brought on by margin calls that forced people to sell, which started a chain reaction of loans being called in  — the market went down and on the three “black days” of October 1929 — the Wall Street agents of Rothschild  (Bernard Baruch, Percy Rockefeller, Morgan, Goldman-Sachs, Lamont etc.) bought up the stock when the ticker tape was two hours being in reporting  — so that they continued to buy at lower and lower prices – because the public did not know that the big speculators  “supporting the market” (because the ticker was behind) — they later claimed it was a “rescue operation” each day  — but it was actually clever theft of American business from the American people  — and so is what we have today  — but don’t expect any shill trying to sell you gold in a deflation to tell you the truth.

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