Starbucks bans Press TV website but allows porn: Analyst

Press TV — May 2, 2013

A political analyst has slammed the American global coffeehouse chain, Starbucks, for banning access to Press TV website at its shops since 2011, while giving free online access to obscene content and pornographic material.

“The list of pornography sites is endless that you can access from Starbucks, you can sit back and enjoy your coffee drinks and you can watch pornography, but you cannot access Press TV,” said Mike Stathis in a video published on YouTube.

“Why is it that you can go to Starbucks and you can access the most vile pornography, but you cannot access Press TV which provides a much more honest uncensored view of the world events than any media outlets in the US?” he questioned.

The analyst argued that Press TV faces blackouts because the mainstream media cartels “don’t want any differing opinion.”

Stathis also criticized the Zionist CEO and founder of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, for lending support to the global media cartel which seeks to stifle all the alternative voices across the world.

“Press TV has recently faced bans in England and in Europe because more people are realizing that there is an alternative viewpoint out there,” he said.

In recent months, European satellite providers have launched a concerted campaign to silence Iran’s international broadcasters.

Analysts say the campaign has revealed the true face of the West, which does not practice what it preaches regarding respect for human rights and free speech.

Eutelsat’s Israeli-French CEO Michel de Rosen has stepped up his anti-Iran restrictive campaign by appealing to major satellite providers in Europe and Asia to take Iranian media off the air.



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