Rebel Bishop Affirms Gender Differences

by Wendy Holland — ( May 2, 2013

I recently listened to a talk given by Bishop Richard Williamson on gender differences.  If I hadn’t been reading about the feminism scam, I would have stopped listening where the Bishop says that teaching and leading are male functions.  And then he ducks behind the podium to avoid possible tomatoes.
But the Bishop is not one to mince words.  He states that  authority does not fit a woman: The privilege of man is reason and the privilege of woman is emotion.  In these days of flat androgynous sameness, this sounds prehistoric.
Attributing the classical exposition of these ideas to Saint Thomas Aquinas, (left,)  Bp.Williamson adamantly asserts that this is common sense about human nature – and nature doesn’t change.  “Common sense is the grip on reality given to us by God.”
The Bishop elaborates:  A woman should avoid certain careers that will require her to turn into a man.  It isn’t that she can’t do the job, but that she will have to become masculine to do it.  If, for example, a woman attorney primps in the mirror before entering the courtroom, she won’t be a proper attorney.  If she doesn’t primp, she isn’t a proper woman.  The woman can’t win, he says; she can either be a good courtroom attorney or a woman.
It is for good reason, he says, that no airline would announce the names of two women pilots before take-off, because half the passengers would get off the plane …  as he would.  I have to agree, there is something to that.


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