Man carjacked by Boston bomb suspects says he was threatened if he spoke Chinese

Introduction — May 2, 2013

The carjack victim who was held by the alleged Boston bombers has come forward to tell CBS News of his ordeal. However there is no way we can verify who ‘Danny’ (a pseudonym) is when his identity has been concealed, his voice disguised and his face hidden.
So he could just as easily be an actor like one of the many dubious characters who appeared, almost on cue, in the bloody aftermath of the bombing.
Indeed, the appearance of what are very obviously actors among grieving relatives in recent false flags is almost becoming a matter of routine.
From relatives of the Sandy Hook victims to the bloody aftermath of the Boston Marathon the same signs of a staged drama or a pre-planned ‘terror exercise’ keep appearing.
As with the security exercises‘ that ran at the same time and locations as the 7/7 bombings, or the drills that were carried out on 9/11, similar drills were taking place at the same time as the Boston Marathon bombing.
It’s all a bit too much to be a mere coincidence. Or as a mentor once said to me, “there is no such thing as coincidence”.
So how do we know what ‘Danny’ claims happened really happened?
In plain terms we don’t. There is absolutely no way we can verify or corroborate his story.

So like so much of what passes for ‘news’ nowadays Danny’s account could easily have been scripted for the sake of effect and Danny himself may be no more than an actor.
Although don’t expect CBS to tell you that. Like the rest of the corporate news media, they seem too intent on presenting the ‘news’ in accordance with the authorities version of events to bother with what really happened.

Man carjacked by Boston bomb suspects says he was threatened if he spoke Chinese

Eirk Oritz — New York Daily News May 1, 2013

The 26-year-old Chinese immigrant held hostage by the Boston bombing suspects says he had to keep his cool if he wanted to stay alive.

Speaking for the first time on camera, the carjacking victim identified as “Danny” described the terrifying 90-minute ride with brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who were on the run April 18 after allegedly killing a cop in Cambridge, Mass.

It was near midnight, and Danny said he had pulled over his 2013 Mercedes SUV at the side of the road to send a text message. A man tapped on his window.

“I thought it was just a robbery, you know?” he said in an interview with CBS News, which altered his voice and concealed his face for safety reasons. But then the carjacker “took out his gun, pointed to me. He told me, ‘You know I am serious. Don’t be stupid.’”

He said the gunman, believed to be 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev, jumped into the car. Danny said he took credit for the deadly April 15 bombing at the Boston Marathon and promised that if he cooperated, he wouldn’t be killed.

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