Exposing the Matrix – The Democracy Hoax

Democracy as we know it is one of the biggest hoaxes the Matrix has ever come up with. As Nathan Rothschild used to say, it doesn’t matter which puppet nominally rules a country, because who controls the money supply controls the country. For every money note that is printed, every government bond that is issued, those parasitical Jewish reserve banking fraudsters earn a commission, and the wealth created from those commissions is used to buy and control everything that is of any value, politically or financially.

While the Matrix makes us all believe that we are the true sovereign of our countries and that is ‘we, the peope’ who determine by whom and how we are ruled, it is in fact that happy family of intermarried bankers and ‘old money’ who really pulls the strings. They completely manage the political processes of our countries by determining who heads which party, which administration, which court, which media organisation. Money rules by determining who has the financial and the media support needed to make it to the top.

Western style democracy, especially in its most perverted form, the Anglo-Saxon two-party system, is the political equivalent of world wrestling federation: a staged competition with choreographed pretend fights and pre-determined outcomes.

The Matrix takes no risks. She takes all possible pre-cautions to ensure that it makes no difference which party wins the election. The main contenders in any election are nothing more than the two sides of the same fake Jewish coin. Never before has this become more obvious than after the last parliament elections in the U.S., when the successful Democrats – instead of ending the dreaded Iraq war as promised in their popular anti-war platform – voted to send more troops and money to ‘fight terrorism’. Needless to say that most, if not all of that terrorism is financed and orchestrated by the Anglo-Judean Axis of Greed, Washington, London, Canberra and Tel Aviv.

The Matrix always wins. For a political party or candidate to gain any power, she needs substantial financial and media support. By providing or denying that support, the Matrix decides which party plays any significant role in legislative or executive and which candidate makes it to the top of this party. No party and candidate will receive the required support, without having gained the trust of the Matrix that they will be her loyal servants.

When Al Gore lost his election to George W. Bush to dubious vote counting and voter registration practices, he didn’t complain. He knew that Bush had done the better job at selling himself to the Matrix. Instead of wasting his time and money on another group of parasites, the legal fraternity, he did the one and only thing that can make a difference, coming up with a better spiel to sell himself to the Matrix, by taking the lead in her latest pet project, the Global Warming scam.

Historic origins of modern democracy

When Khazaria, the biggest kingdom of the Middle-Ages, was overrun by Genghis Khan’s Mongolian hordes, large portions of its population, the descendents of another wave of Mongolian invaders, Attila’s Huns, and their Germanic rape victims, were dispersed all over Europe. Those converts to Talmudism, the ancestors of today’s Ashkenazi Jews, had great difficulties integrating into their host societies, partly due to bad feelings many European Christians had for Jews because of their perceived responsibility for the execution of Jesus, partly because of their reputation – justified or not – of ruthless commercial practices, ritual killings of Christian children on Passover and perceived Jewish contempt for non-Jews.

Inspite of that mutual hostility, some of those Ashkenazi Jews were able to amass considerable wealth. By bankrolling the crusades, wars, slave trade and colonial conquests of the kings and princes of their host countries, they were able to exercise considerable influence on their policies. For example, the raise of the German state of Prussia and its role in the creation of a German Empire under Prussian leadership was instigated and financed by powerful Jewish bankers, not only as a means of profiteering from financing more wars but of growing their ‘market’. The king making power of the Matrix became also obvious in England, where the Rothschilds imported a trusted German prince to make him King of Engliand, in the artificial state of Belgium, created after the defeat of Napoleon, and in Greece after gaining independence.

This happy family of filthy rich Jewish investment and central bankers at the core of the Matrix, intermarried for generations with Europe’s old and new elites, vigilantly observe the world around us for potential new political causes. The aim is to hitchhike them for their own selfish gains by ‘buying’ their leaders and using their platforms as a smokescreen for the pursuit of their own ruthless agendas. Democracy, Anarchism, Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Atheism, Equal Rights, Feminism, Anti-Imperialism, Sexual Liberation, Environmentalism, Animal Protection, Global Warming, there is no political movement of any significance, that hasn’t been infiltrated and perverted by the Matrix. If it makes it into the 7pm news, you can bet your life that the Matrix has her greedy hands in it.

Welcome efficiency gains through ‘Black Box’ voting

As true Mammonites, the Matrix is all about profit maximization and risk minimization. Financing and controlling every political movement with any political potential is expensive. Modern technologies provides the Matrix with new methods of ensuring that the party or candidate of her choice wins the ‘majority’ of votes. The infamous ‘black boxes’ that helped George W. Bush back into power only had to move the percentage of votes in favour of the Republicans by about 10%. Not that it would have mattered, given the fact that there is virtually no difference between the policies of the US Democrats and Republicans, but it proved to the Matrix that she actually can ensure that the candidate of her choice wins without wasting hundreds of millions on donations and media endorsements. The efficiency gains from those Black Boxes should be a welcome development for all of us. It’s not like ‘We, the people’ ever had a real choice in the first place, and – one way or another – it was always us who paid for the money wasted before ‘Black Box’ voting on the parasitical class of politicians and lobbyists.

Rebel of Oz is the editor/publisher of Sydney based dissident blog ZioPedia.org and founder of Jews Anonymous. He can be contacted on editor@ziopedia.org. You can find more of his articles in the Editorial Section.

Source: http://www.ziopedia.org/articles/editorial/exposing_the_matrix_-_the_democracy_hoax/

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