Of Defining Ourselves and Being Defined

Smoking Mirrors — April 30, 2013

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As per an internet exchange, where I was branded as making false accusations, I submit this. I also submit this. On this second matter, there is a large body of associated truths, just as there is for the first matter, which runs many search engine pages deep. Of course, if you want deep detail, then you need to see things like this. Probably most of the readers here have not read this article and certainly all of the people who brand me as making false accusations have not read it. The first two parts are linked in the beginning of the article. It is the nature of the curmudgeon to have abrasive reactions to various things on the basis that they do not want them to be true.

There are people who do not believe that Israel was behind 9/11. It’s not convenient and it’s potentially injurious to them socially and possibly in any number of other ways. My constant mention of the sort of things I mention at these blogs, is directly responsible for the dissolution of my domestic situation. That is some of the cost to me. The readers are generally unaware of the various costs that I bear, including the impact on my career, which is blocked in nearly every direction and… were it not for the internet, would be blocked in all directions. When I have to go, I won’t be able to see my beloved Poncho again, in this life, probably and the reader can’t know the degree to which this tears me up. The reader doesn’t know how many times a day I turn and look at him and am reminded of this. The reader doesn’t know how close the two of us are, or the level of love shared between us.

I have made a request of the readers before and that is, when there is a question as to the veracity of claims made by myself, about any subject, I request, no, I insist, I demand, that they provide published, posted refutations, from legitimate sources, just as do I; just as do I. I have stated on many occasions that I welcome proof that I may be wide of the truth. I believe that once I am shown to be wrong, I am no longer wrong, I am right, because I change my mind according to the facts as and when they are presented to me.

There are all kinds of people I do not mention as being disinfo because I do not know for sure that they are. Sometimes I suspect that they are and I will say ‘suspect’.

These blogs exist for the purpose of presenting arguments and points of view, which are designed to garner reactions. Usually, overwhelmingly, the reactions are positive. Very often when the reactions are not positive, they are anonymous and declarative without detail. What that tells me is that the person wants only to contend with me and sometimes dislikes me for reasons other than anything that goes on here.

I comment on and write on socio-political matters, cultural matters and metaphysical matters. I’m relatively well informed on most of these, though I am an expert on nothing. The cardinal point of my endeavors here is to spark commentary. Between us we often arrive at more comprehensive understandings than any of us arrive at alone. Doing these blogs and attending to matters related to them; answering emails and my various projects, takes up the majority of my every day, seven days a week. It is, in fact, overwhelming to the point that I still have at least a couple of weeks of work left to do on my book because so many things keep coming up and all of the domestic necessaries have fallen upon me for the span of these past weeks. That should change in a couple of days and I will be more freed up (hopefully).

I am often amazed at the number of people who do not use search engines, or maybe don’t know how to use them, who do not do comprehensive searches, so as to compare the varieties of information, in order to have a wider awareness of any given subject. People write me and ask me to look things up for them, which would take them ten seconds to find on their own. I am not a free research service. I am already operating as a free counseling service and reassurance service, at odd times with a certain consistency.

Over the course of recent years, I have lost some amount of readers; those who expect me to behave the way they want me to behave, by their standards, as if my own freedom of expression and action were not actually mine. Some portion of these people are anal retentives and hypocrites. In the first case they want me to be what they want me to be, in the second instance, they demand that I be what they themselves are not. As I’ve stated many times, people would know little about me, were I not to inform them. This can be costly. So some people think I am erratic and potentially a crazy and dangerous actor. In every case so far, the concern of the people who were concerned, was about something they feared would happen but never did. I’m pretty good at walking the tightrope and my track record says so.

In many cases, I have not defended myself and in some cases I have offered corroborative truth, which was and is totally lacking on the other side of the story. When people have to fabricate lies in order to bolster their case, the fact is that they don’t have a case. It’s always been my position that time will tell and that the truth of what I am and am not, would reveal itself over the course of time. I have always felt that the body of my work, what has been expressed in “Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World”, in my first novel and the coming novel and the years of Visible Origamis, give a deep and detailed view of what motivates me and what goes on inside me. If these evidences are not enough, then there can never be enough. If my having laid out the motivations for some of the things I do for the purpose of demonstration, which were presented long before there were any events to speak of, then what could ever be proof enough of anything?

It is hard to know the contents and capacities of anyone’s heart, especially at a distance, especially when so many of us remain a mystery to ourselves. Then we would certainly be a mystery to others.

I have labored for 13 years in this room, where I presently sit, an exile from my own country, which, these days, would be dangerous ground for me, as I am the antithesis of most of everything going on there. Occasionally some old friends will fly over to see me but those visits are rare and few. I have a commonality with a particular segment of the American public and a great disaffinity with another part of the American public. I’ve never really connected with Europeans. I know a few people and count them as friends but I seldom see them more than once or twice a year. Until not that long ago, months and years could go by without anyone coming by to see me from the surrounding neighborhood and now that doesn’t happen anymore for no reason given.

Well… I hope I’ve cleared up a few things, though it is unlikely I have cleared anything up for the people who do not want them cleared up. I’ve mentioned some number of times that the meaning of the name, Adam is, ‘namer of things’. This is a very important detail that should penetrate into the well of our deepest understanding. It explains something about ourselves that we very often are unaware of. What we label things as is what they become for us. What we label ourselves as is what we become in our own minds and often in the minds of others as well. There are people who call themselves conservatives and people who call themselves liberals. If they are connected to the government then they are not conservative and they are not liberal in any way. They are not this or that, they just play one on TV. Some people call themselves Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians. There are all kinds of labels that people affix to themselves and each other and they limit themselves within the interpretation of terms that they often don’t even know the meaning of, or which have all kinds of meanings that are irrelevant to the actual definition.

In the cases of polarities, such as conservative (often also neo-con) and liberal, they call each other names and hold each other in contempt and this is just as the ruling class would have it. We are perpetually set at odds against each other for the purpose of control. We are routinely reduced to economic extremity for the purpose of manipulation. Our distress puts us at the mercy of the people causing it. Bankers are your enemy and there is no possibility of reasoning or negotiating with them. We are maintained in a state of perpetual war in foreign countries, where we murder millions for the purpose of stealing their resources and in order to please our Satanic masters, the Israelis, who are determined to destroy these countries and your own country. The bankers and the Israelis are more or less one and the same. The only active and effective terrorists, are the state of Israel and the intelligence services of various western cultures.

I do not know who I am but I have a good idea of what I am and that is why I am content to let time and circumstance bear the responsibility for whatever my legacy may be. There is a mysterious power in the universe that defines us over the course of time. We define ourselves, others define us. Time and the river defines us and this mysterious force, brings to the surface most of what we seek to conceal, eventually. I have previously stated that we all have at least 3 faces. The first face is the one we present to people when we first meet them. It is the face we want them to believe in. Then there is the second face that reveals itself over time. Very few of us are able to prevent this face from coming into view. Then there is the third face that is revealed when danger or serious trouble presents itself. It is my usual intention to cause these last two faces to reveal themselves early on. I’ve got good reasons for doing this, given what I have been subjected to by various individuals in the past. My methods are not ideal and often not desirable but they are effective. They are also costly. They are also, no longer necessary, or so I’ve been told.

I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful day, not only today but for all of your days to come.

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