Boston Marathon Bombing: Now They Go After The Mother And The Wife

Dick Eastman — The April 30, 2013

A government document obtained by ABC News says the alleged bombers “likely knew more about bomb making than they could have learned from the al Qaeda magazine ‘Inspire.'” but what that really means is that the bomb was beyond their ability to construct, that the brothers Tsarnaev did not make the bomb.  But at the same time the FBI says that female DNA was found on pieces of the bomb and that Katie Russell must supply DNA samples of her DNA for comparison.
Let me tell you this —  Tamorlane would never let his wife get anywhere near a bomb, his personality, his culture simply would not allow it.  If Katie Russell is tied to the bomb by an FBI test there can be only one explanation.  They do not want her alive to, years from now, when she is older and harder and stronger, to tell the public the reasons why her husband would be incapable of such a crime.
If the government says it is a match — who can contradict them?  Who can verify?  No one.  The arbitrary police state commit any crime and blame any citizen they choose. That has just been demonstrated.    By the way  — Boston has the title of the stupidest city in America — as far as I can see from the US media, not one Bostonian has called the bombing what it is  — an organized-crime dominated government frameup with Israeli involvement.

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