Was “Jews for Jesus” Leader Murdered?

by Richard Evans — (henrymakow.com) April 29, 2013

Jhan Moskowitz,  co-founder of Jews for Jesusreally ‘got’ Christianity.  When he describes his own repentance experience, he proves it. His experience blended with mine.
“When I went to Israel I was an atheist,” said Moskowitz, “but by the time I left, I knew that God did exist. I became a seeker. I felt God had created the universe with a purpose, and I wanted to know his purpose for my life. I found my answer in 1971 when I came to terms with God through the Messiah, Jesus.
“I realized that I wasn’t a good person like I’d always thought I was, I was a weak person who had never let go of sins I relished.  Then I realized I’d wasted my life…  I realized that my life wasn’t mine to do what I please with… I was deeply ashamed.
“I didn’t ask for forgiveness at all, I simply said I was sorry.  In that moment my love of sins dropped, and I felt the forgiving presence of God. I realized something really did happen with Jesus and it’s still been going on ever since. The night I was filled with forgiveness, I met the Messiah of Israel”.

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