Help! I’m Being Targeted by Satanists

“Sharon Murphy” — April 27, 2013

For the last four years I have been regularly tormented by the local chapter of Satanists.  No idea why I’ve been singled out or why they are sticking with me so long.  I know I’m sick to death of alternately feeling terrified (afraid for my life), incredulous (as to their numbers, money and power locally), amazed (at the truly bizarre and seemingly senseless crap they pull), and thinking that maybe I’m just losing it completely.
Can you suggest someone, anyone, safe I could talk to about my situation.  I contacted the FBI about it a few years ago…I think they wrote me off as loopy.  I was living in E—– at that time and I know that many officers in the EPD are active members of the Satan worshipers.  They probably scuttled any efforts the FBI might have made.  I did not hear back from them in any event even though the harassment and abuse continued and crossed state lines.

They have ruined or stolen everything of worth or importance to me.  Have been through my most private papers and have video and audio pick ups and transmission all through my house.  Nothing is private and I am never not watched.  Ask me about the true physics of the Observer Effect.

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