US False-Flag Frameups Are Political Murder In Disguise

Dick Eastman — The April 27, 2013

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was captured alive, meaning he surrendered.  After he surrendered he was stripped of his clothes.  Note the condition of abdominal region.

Here is Tamerlan after when in custody he was shot up and his chest cavity opened up to remove his heart.  The Task Force engaged in an organized-crime-style vendetta atrocity in violation of every public and legal standard.  But organized-crime government works outside the law.

Notice that the chest shows no broken rib deformity that would indicate that Tamerlan was killed by being run over.
Compare with the corpse of Gaddafi:

Tamerlan had been watched by the organized crime within US law enforcement and national security for a long time.  They had targeted Tamerlan for false-flag frameup terrorism and murder not only because he was a Moslem and very popular — changing people’s ideas about Moslems for the good — but also because Tamerlan married a very beautiful girl and led her in conversion to Islam.  The agents who were spying on him saw all this and it enraged them — because Tamerlan’s wife was very beautiful, an “all-American girl,” the kind that the Elliot Ness in all American males (me too) are ready to jump in and defend when the situation arises  — and they saw her as a victim  — as people view people who are caught in “cults.”

When spying on a married couples agents often become emotionally involved and judgemental about the personal lives of those they spy upon.  And then agents talk about it among themselves, selling each other on a strong hatred and themselves as the defender.  Most FBI agents are good guys  — lots of them are Mormon (like me) — because they are clean living — good guys — but they can get angry  — and that anger can be systematically fed by others in the agency who want that resentment.  To get ATF and FBI angry enough to shoot the man after he is dead and to cut his heart out, must have required agents getting misinformation about Tamerlan to inflame their hatred and rage.

Tamerlan was hated and talked about by agents — and some agents were interested.

For one man that is innocent  ..

… that the government set up…

…who was hiding in the boat  unarmed!

Who would have surrendered if asked.  But he wasn’t asked.  They just started shooting from their helicopter.  All that police state firepower  — what the Constitution expressly forbids — forcing people out of their homes — innocent people — to hunt down a man the government chose to kill because he knew too much about his brother’s innocence to live.

No blood from a throat wound is visible.

No Gun In The Boat – Changes To Key Details In Boston Bombings

Billy Hallowell — The Blaze April 25, 2013

As officials release more information about the Boston bombings — and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s capture, in particular – key details previously advanced by authorities are changing. Among them, some police sources are now claiming that the 19-year-old suspect was not armed while hiding in a boat last Friday. But that’s only a sliver of the new information that seems to contradict previous reports about the chaotic manhunt.

Continues …

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