“Do Not Resuscitate” Reminds Reader of Nazi Germany

by Ron Graham — April 26, 2013 (henrymakow.com)

While there are no papers in which Hitler implicates himself in systematic genocide of Jews, there is a memo to Himmler in which he said they had to implement an euthanasia program to cull the unfit material from the body of the healthy Volk gradually.    He wrote in 1939 that once the war was underway they could proceed without concern for public opinion.
The gradualism of the National Socialist “Action T-4″ project that gassed or otherwise euthanized 35,000 German citizens before the war began, and many more afterward, reminds me of a creepy conversation I recently had as a patient in the ER here in Texas. I was dependent for oxygen on a burnt out 40-something redneck male triage nurse who tried to persuade me to sign a ‘do not resuscitate’ order.
I am a welfare case.  They’re empowering low-level medical staff to snuff indigents. It’s not really new; this flared up in the 80’s under Reagan Bush.  But this is worse.  It’s not all medical staff.  Just a few moles. That’s how it starts.
Emergency room duty is hard work, emotionally as well as physically.  I must be clear that 99% of EMT paramedics and ER nurses, doctors are empathetic.  But it only takes being at the mercy of one, or God forbid, two, that have lost compassion due to burnout or personal issues to frighten you when you’re helpless on a gurney in a chaotic ER triage or “shock room” setting.
When you see state legislatures talking about granting public provided doctors to enter a ‘do not resuscitate’ order in your chart – without your knowledge and signed consent – it means you may be handed over to the 1% who lack empathy and compassion, for these are the ones that capable of withholding the  simple oxygen or CPR that routinely saves lives.
Needing oxygen or CPR is not an ‘end stage’ terminal notice.  Most people recover after standard treatment with antibiotics, electrolytes, steroids, or surgery, etc, and walk out of the hospital within a day or a week.
At the media and tv level they try to frame the ‘end of life’ thing as something that doesn’t come up till somebody is brain dead on life support for ten years. In reality it’s about meeting Obama’s austerity budget cuts, so the money can be diverted to the endless banker ‘bailouts’.


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